iSeries in the Cloud

IBM iSeries in the cloud

It’s fair to say that the term ‘Cloud’ has been around for some time now and that the IT industry is starting to get the right idea about what it means.

If you look at its most traditional uses, cloud is only thought of from an X86/wintel/linux point of view.  The technology has heaps of maturity to enable delivery of the Cloud for those platforms.

So why do we not automatically think of iSeries in the Cloud?

For technology to deliver into the Cloud, 4 things need to be in a good way

  1. Mature technology – with redundancy to provide highly available processing
  2. Software functionality – to enable multi tenancy and HA applications
  3. Commercial flexibility – flexible model from the software and hardware vendors to cloud provider. They can then provide same level of flexibility to end users
  4. Suitable Data Centres – Scalable with highly diverse and resilient comms, power & cooling. Preferably owned by the Cloud provider to ensure control over delivery of everything

When we measure the iSeries against this list what does it look like –

  1. Mature technology – that’s a big tick, there are no other systems so reliable and mature.
  2. Software functionality – the iSeries has provided logical partitioning for many years now
  3. Commercial flexibility – while not as well developed from vendors to provider, if the cloud provider has lots of experience with iSeries technology, the end user can have this
  4. Suitable Data Centres – that will depend on the supplier you talk to!

In addition to the above, it also helps to already run a traditional private Cloud to complement iSeries workloads and provide for the many peripheral servers that surround a modern iSeries system.

So back to the question “why do we not automatically think of iSeries in the Cloud?”

It all comes down to point 3) Commercial flexibility.

There is no Cloud model for the iSeries from IBM. It is down to the Cloud provider to invest in the technology and use their experience and understanding of everything, from the latest technology to the software licensing for the platform, to develop their commercial model. Anyone that understands iSeries will also know that it does not lend itself to the Cloud easily. I have worked with iSeries technology for over 19 years and seen many failed attempts at Cloud type services, I know you need to have lots of experience and a little ingenuity to solve this problem.

However if you take time analyse what went wrong with previous attempts, along with a deep understanding of how iSeries technology and licensing work, point 3 can be overcome to deliver what a cloud user requires.

When it comes to real iSeries Cloud options the choice is easy.

Blue Chip tick all four points and more……..

  1. Mature technology – Blue Chip have already invested in the Latest power 7 technology, saving customers the time and effort. Its ready when required.
  2. Software functionality – multi tenancy and HA options available. Scalability and availability on demand, saving time and effort.
  3. Commercial Flexibility – 25 years of Blue Chip IBM Midrange experience have gone into the commercial design of our iSeries Cloud, providing flexible, easy to understand commercials so growth can be forecasted, planned and understood.
  4. Suitable Data Centres – Blue Chip fully own and operate from tier 3 & 4 design data centres. Our ownership of all back and front end infrastructure reduces operational pain & risk to a minimum
  5. Blue Chip also own and operate their own traditional Cloud, running X86, wintel & linux workloads – already complementing our iSeries customer workloads in our iSeries Cloud

No other iSeries provider has the depth of experience and facilities to match that of Blue Chip.

iSeries is in the Cloud and the iSeries Cloud is at Blue Chip.


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