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For the last year or two, I have been blogging about iSeries in the cloud and what that looks like. To be fair, it’s IaaS and therefore an alternative way to purchase your iSeries platform that includes loads of benefits beyond the traditional upgrade path iSeries users have utilised in the past. I’m not going to write any more detail than that on our IaaS feel free to see my previous blogs to learn more.

iSeries in the Cloud

iSeries ISV Applications in the Cloud

How to put Your iSeries in the Cloud

Today I want to cover where we are with SaaS in relation to IaaS on the iSeries.

In the early days when customers moved to our IaaS, they and the ISVs that supplied the applications looked only at changing the way the hardware is provisioned and sticking to the traditional supply of their software = Capex Installation & license fee followed by annual Opex maintenance charge.

I’m not saying there was or is anything wrong with that, but it’s only halfway there and is indicative of the reasons why the iSeries is so far behind most Cloud platforms.

When I look at our x86 wintel & Linux cloud, we pay by the month and for what we use regardless of vendor.

Blue Chip is working with our ISV partners to help them create a new commercial model for their software products. Moving from the;

Large Capex Installation & license fee followed by Opex annual maintenance charge.


Small Capex Installation Followed by modular monthly Opex charges for the lifetime of the product

Not only does this help bring the ISV’s application in line with most of their competition but also helps secure the iSeries as a choice for the future development of their products.

At Blue Chip we are in the process of bringing many new iSeries users onto the platform via our cloud solutions. Many who may have been put off by the iSeries as an unknown. Through our work combining our ISV partners and our Cloud, these international customers now run on the best platform available – safe in the knowledge we can support and deliver the application their business needs.

Blue Chip is the only choice for real iSeries Cloud solutions in the UK.


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