Teradata end of support

Teradata has confirmed a series of ‘end of support’ dates, which could leave many companies with no support on their business-critical Data Warehousing Appliance.

Of course, many companies will be weighing up the migration options available into cloud-based solutions, with Snowflake or Teradata Cloud being solid contenders. For those companies preferring an on-premise solution, the available options include replacement with later Teradata models, Green Plumb or perhaps Netezza.

Whichever option a company chooses, unless they stay with Teradata, there will need to be a migration plan which could easily leave the systems unsupported for an extended period. There is now a viable option to extend the life of your current appliance whichever option you decide on.

Uniquely, Blue Chip offers expert support on any unsupported Teradata device. This includes remote monitoring, together with hardware replacement, to a defined SLA. This usually delivers a significant cost and time saving against, or while, migrating to another platform. Blue Chip has access to Teradata specialists in this field and can offer impartial advice and support on short, or long-term migration strategies.

Teradata end of support dates for Data Warehousing Appliance hardware

If you have any of the systems listed above and are concerned about what you are going to do after Teradata’s end of support dates, call one of our dedicated team today.


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