Is your IBM Power System’s software unsupported?

IBM Power System software unsupported

Businesses around the globe continue to pay for IBM software maintenance. For those running POWER8 and POWER9 systems, this makes perfect sense, as these systems are compatible with the latest operating system (OS) versions (V7R4 on IBM i and V7R2 on AIX). This means that if those businesses are not currently running the latest OS level, then they could upgrade their OS to the latest version if they wished.

However, for the businesses running POWER7 and below, IBM software maintenance may not be the most prudent option as these systems can’t take advantage of the latest OS versions.

  • Can’t upgrade. Some systems can’t upgrade to a supported OS level. If you want support directly from the vendor you must upgrade your system.
  • Extended support. This is where support is still available from the vendor, but at an increased cost.

Is your IBM Power System limited in capability?

If your system can’t upgrade to a supported version, the likelihood is it’s capped at your current OS version or you can only go up a level or two – which still wouldn’t take you to a supported version.

Potentially, the software being run on the system is only compatible with a specific OS level, so upgrading would mean the software is not compatible. Secondly, the OS level being used may work, and may have worked for a long time, so even if you could upgrade then the thought process may be “why fix something which isn’t broken?”. The list could go on, there are many valid reasons for remaining on a legacy OS version.

Whatever your reason, if you are running POWER7 or below then you should consider what your current software maintenance service provides you for the money you pay. The answer, which may come as a surprise to you, is not much at all.

For many businesses running legacy OS versions, it is often only in a time of need that they discover this. They are simply advised to upgrade to a new system as their OS version is out of support and/or their current system is too old to run a supported OS version.

Blue Chip legacy software maintenance is the solution for all businesses currently in this situation.

  • Support available on every single OS version and release, whether that is AIX or IBM i (based on your previous IBM entitlements)
  • Access to a vast array of experience, dating from the very earliest releases all the way through to the ‘latest and greatest’ releases
  • 24/7/365 access to expertise
  • Technology levels and service packs readily available (based on your previous IBM entitlements)
  • Generally, 30-50% cheaper than OEM software maintenance (depending on system)

The experts delivering this service are the same experts who operate Blue Chip’s IBM Power cloud, the largest of its kind in Europe and potentially the world, with a huge range of OS versions being utilised within our cloud. This really is our experts’ ‘bread and butter’, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

If you are currently running a legacy OS version on IBM infrastructure and have concerns around the level of support you currently receive, feel free to get in touch in any way you feel comfortable to discuss how you can increase your level of support while reducing your expenditure.

After reviewing, you may feel that upgrading your OS version, or even your Power System, is the best way forward. Both scenarios are options which Blue Chip is happy to discuss and assist with, as we are not only resellers, but Platinum level partners and heavy users. We design, build, maintain and run IBM infrastructure, giving us the ability to provide a unique perspective from many different angles.


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