Is the AS/400 ready for its cocoa and slippers – or does the Power Cloud herald a rebirth?

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Over the years of selling AS/400 / iSeries / Power i, I have become impervious to the constant rumours and scare stories regarding the demise of the AS/400.  

I can recall being sat in a meeting in 1995 when we were being categorically “advised” that the AS/400 is going to be “end of life” in the next 18 months.  Yet here we are in 2014 with Power8 and V7.2 of the OS.  Amazingly there are customers who can boast that they have applications that have moved from System 36 to where they are today. Furthermore the trust in the Power i’s ability to deliver maximum uptime and performance is unwavering.

That said there are changes out there in AS/400 land which I have found as I visit a large number of the 900+ IBM Mid Range customers that Blue Chip service.  The faith in the system is still there but the number of people with the appropriate skills are reducing.  This can be through the various business transformations, such as mergers, acquisitions that lead to consolidation of various systems.  It could be that new graduates see brighter lights over other platforms.  It may be that finance staff and VC’s are attracted to new “sexy” applications.  It will also be simply that the RPG devotees are just growing old and retiring.

Whichever way you look at it, there is an opportunity to approach things differently and keep the AS/400 flying.  In fact IBM should take comfort in the fact that Blue Chip are able to provide a range of solutions that inject new life into the AS/400.

  • A Unique Power Cloud – So customers can move to an Opex based Infrastructure as a Service
  • Hosted Power Managed Service – Based in our Tier 4 designed Data Centre, Blue Chip have the skills, accreditations, space and resilience to provide a safe haven for business critical systems
  • Remote Managed Service – If skills are short Blue Chip can plug the gap.  We can begin by carrying out a system health check and provide a 24×7 management that means that our customers have no need to worry about resourcing for the systems.
  • Eco friendly Hosting – As organisations are becoming more socially and environmentally aware, Blue Chip can help via its Data Centres which are truly cognisant of the carbon neutrality requirements of the 2006 Companies Act.

So with our modern approach to providing solutions for what has become an “old dependable friend”, Blue Chip can herald a new era for the Power i systems that are doing such sterling work for customers.


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