“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

computer fire

That was a quote from Red Adair, the Texan oil well firefighter. We at the Blue Chip System Management Services (BC SMS) team agree totally with this sentiment. Getting someone who lacks real world experience to do a professional job is never great advice.

At Blue Chip we have 25 years experience learning how to ensure your business runs smoothly as a result of well provisioned, maintained, robust and agile IT. So when you use our BC SMS solution you are engaging with a platform that has over 1000 man years in its heritage.

We are also cost-effective when it comes to our peers

Sorry Red but there is no place for Fire Fighters in our business – A well managed, maintained and monitored network infrastructure reduces fire fighting.

When problems do strike, we ensure that you know where the problem is, how to manage it, what’s being done to resolve it and what impact it may be having.

We see all of your systemshardwarenetworkapplications and infrastructure and have the intelligence to make sure your teams receive the information they need in a format they understand.

All this happens long before you need go into fire-fighting mode. The end result of this experience and ability is that people like Mr Adair are a thing of the past.

Your systems and services and ultimately your business are far too important to be left to “Fire Fighters”


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