IBM’s biggest ever storage announcement and how it influences Blue Chip

IBM FlashSystem
IBM Storage Insights for IBM FlashSystem and other hardware

Credit: Bob Graczyk, IBM Spectrum Storage Social Media Advocate

The most significant storage announcement in almost five years was made last month by IBM. They will be eliminating two of its primary non-mainframe IT storage lines – Storwize and FlashSystem A9000 – to be replaced with a unified IBM FlashSystem family.

Many storage vendors use different platforms for different requirements, and as they are typically incompatible, this leads to businesses purchasing an abundance of hardware. Which isn’t good for their wallets or the environment. This has led to IBM driving down the complexity of their storage products.

Let’s not forget that IBM themselves once had over thirty products in their storage range, which may have led to the depletion of their market share. IBM has radically simplified its storage products by having just one platform for all storage needs. Originally, IBM Storwize and IBM FlashSystem offerings were separated by performance tiers. Now there is a single scalable hardware platform that covers the whole range from entry to high end.

The mission statement for IBM FlashSystem appears to be ‘One platform to simplify your storage’. It looks set to be a game-changer for anyone managing IT infrastructure.

The best home for your data

As you may already be aware, Blue Chip’s data centres have an impressive power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.1. This is based on energy fed into the data centre and energy used by the equipment for cooling, lighting, processing, etc.

To further bolster their ecological credentials, we also plant trees in a local forest to offset our carbon footprint, but how has IBM’s storage made us greener?

Blue Chip’s storage capacity has grown more than 500% in the last three years. Putting that into data terms, that is a huge increase in 9 petabytes. Blue Chip’s Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is massively scalable, flexible, resilient, and cloud-focused. It supports bare metal, virtualised and container workloads.

We have taken advantage of IBM’s FlashCore Modules and this has also helped reduce our data centres’ carbon footprint. IBM’s FlashCore storage allows more data to be stored in a smaller space, with less power needed. A win for both customer, supplier, and the environment.

Your IBM Platinum Business Partner is just a call away

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Blue Chip is highly skilled in providing real insights into features and functions that some IBM users wouldn’t know of. It also means their storage team are experts and have IBM expert-level competency qualifications. This means they have the knowledge and experience to consult customers on problems they thought can’t be fixed. When buying storage, it is important to consult a professional IT services outfit such as Blue Chip, who manages over 100 storage systems and 210 enclosures. Give us a call today if you need advice on any storage solutions.


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