IBM withdrawing maintenance on POWER6 and POWER7 servers

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End of IBM support for POWER6 and POWER7 servers
09 Oct 2018
IBM withdrawing maintenance on POWER6 and POWER7 servers

If you’re running IBM POWER6 or POWER7 servers, you need to act very soon. IBM is ending maintenance for POWER6 services on 31st March 2019, with POWER7 server maintenance finishing on 30th September 2019.

Naturally, upgrading to IBM POWER9 servers is an option. Blue Chip can supply you with this hardware, or we can migrate you onto the POWER9 cloud.

However, a more popular route, taken by many companies, is to transfer their maintenance contracts over to Blue Chip. We’ve been supplying maintenance for IBM servers for over thirty years and we support around 50% of the UK’s IBM iSeries and pSeries systems.

You can extend the life of your systems by at least another three to four years. Contact Blue Chip now so you have the assurance of continued support.

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This article was written by Lee Bailey. With 20+ years sales and management experience in the Data Centre IT industry, Lee has vast experience delivering cloud and IaaS solutions.

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