IBM technology is behind the all-in-one-place cloud

IBM technology cloud

The all in one place Cloud is where efforts have been focused recently and where I believe we can unlock real value to business’s heading into the cloud. So what is it?

There are many companies who provide Windows and Linux in the Cloud. The big guys such as Amazon, Assure and Softlayer provide IaaS Cloud without management, generally you either manage in-house or select a 3rd party to provide the management over the top. That’s pretty expensive when you add the two together. Of course the big guys will also add a full managed service, if you have Millions to spend.  However what if you don’t have millions to spend and you require a real mix of technologies & services in addition to Windows and Linux?

I’ve been working with our solutions team, ISV’s and customers over the past 4 years and have built what we consider an all in one place Cloud.

A client who has recently committed to work with an all in one place Cloud is large French Bank moving into the expanding Wealth Management arena. Previously they had experience of running AIX, Linux and Windows in-house but we teamed up with a leading ISV to provide an end-to-end software and hardware business solution, which brings the bank onto IBM i technology and will see them move from their on-premise solution into an all in one place Cloud.

This all in one place Cloud solution provides;

  • 3x IBM i virtualised partitions
  • 32x Virtual Windows Servers and 3 physical servers
  • 16x Linux Servers
  • MPLS & Internet networks
  • Resilient Crest gateways
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
  • ISV application provider “hand-off”
  • Cross Data Centre High Availability
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Project Management office to pull the solution together and implement

Why would any business want to procure this kind of solution from several vendors and have the overheads of implementing and the ongoing operational headache? The all in one place cloud with alleviates this burden and will allow the bank to focus on the new application and the benefits it can leverage the business.

Good news for IBM server sales – As the end of another quarter draws to a close so has the need to purchase additional computing capacity. An increase in business requires additional computing to feed that growth. This quarter it was in the form of IBM Power 7+ 770-MMD’s and our 1st IBM Power 8 server.  

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