How we help those wanting a replacement for ProtecTIER

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30 Aug 2019
How we help those wanting a replacement for ProtecTIER

IBM announces end of support for ProtecTIER®

IBM has announced the end of support for ProtecTIER® hardware and software in July 2019. This means that all existing ProtecTIER® customers must move this vital data repository to a new solution. This change means that your current method of storing critical data is no longer fit for purpose.

Data must be stored safely on a long-term solution or its integrity is in doubt.  The move must be made and made quickly so that a safe structured transition is planned. Blue Chip knows how to make this change a zero effort, radical improvement to what is now legacy platform.

How can Blue Chip help?

Our replacement Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solution delivers the following benefits standalone:

The change is ZERO effort

  • Our solution is designed to be non-disruptive and works with your existing backup regime.
  • Installed by industry experts that have years of experience and knowhow to make this a pain free transition.

It’s faster

  • With speeds up to 40TB per hour, our solution will make even more inroads into your backup window meaning more time for production.

Save on storage costs.

  • ProtecTIER® had a maximum dedupe ratio of 25:1. Some of our customers experience ratios of 70:1 and beyond! This means our solution has the potential to save you even more on storage costs.

Your data is miles away in seconds

  • We provide lightning-fast connectivity to our Tier IV data centre. This places your data miles away from the source, yet easily retrieved.

Lower costs and greater security

  • Lower costs and greater security by using our cloud-based VTL store.
  • Our experts will show you how to configure your VTL to the most cost-efficient configuration.

Cloud provider benefits.

  • We deliver the economies of scale you would expect from a mature service provider.

Delivered as part of our VTL as a Service, the improvements get greater still...

Your backups remain a ‘zero effort’ process

  • Our experts ensure your backups are working with periodic checks.
  • Our monitoring solution keeps a 24x7 eye on your VTL hardware and software.

We can show you how to get the very best from your VTL

  • Advice on how to make sure you dedupe ratios are at their highest and your throughput is at its fastest.
  • Advice on what data needs to be stored so that your costs are at their lowest while improving your RPO.

Managed means ‘set and forget’

  • Using our managed solution means we adapt to your changes, keeping the costs to the lowest level with the least effort.

We can enhance your recovery

  • Backing up is only half the story. Our experts can help you get yourself back from bare-metal to full production. With thirty years of disaster recovery experience, we get you back up and running in the most efficient way possible. Stored at our data centre, our experts start work in minutes achieving the fastest RTO through the combined knowledge of; Data Management, High Availability and Disaster Recovery experts.

Contact us today and let our experts show you how we can make this enforced change the best thing that’s ever happened to your team and your data!

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This article was written by Peter Thomas.

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