How to put your iSeries in the Cloud

putting IBM iSeries in the cloud

The answer to this question is easy – call Blue Chip! So I guess the real question is how do we do this for you?

Before I answer that l want to explore the reasons behind going to the cloud in the first place. These are many and varied but ultimately come down to flexibility be it commercial or technical.


  • Pay only for what is used
  • Understand the financial impact of increase to this use in advance and for the full term of contracted usage
  • Ability to Increase of capacity and additional iSeries instances without the delay of Capex process
  • Multiple services pulled into one charge – Hardware, hosting, maintenance, licensing, power, management etc.


  • Combination of Hardware platform and hosting environment that will deliver to the business’ required SLA’s
  • Delivery of additional resource quickly and without delay

Once you have selected a cloud provider for your iSeries you can simplify your future procurement requirements. You no longer need to look at multiple options and configurations in a traditional Capex procurement process. Time spent ensuring the configuration is perfectly tuned to deliver the correct level of performance is no longer required.

All an iSeries user needs to decide on are the SLA’s that surround their business applications. We as the cloud provider then agree to the SLA’s and deliver a cloud platform capable of delivering to the SLA.

iSeries users looking to the cloud need to switch from looking at the detail of the underlying technology and focus on what the business needs from the application, that is after all what delivers the true business benefit not a piece of tin. At Blue Chip we have already delivered iSeries cloud solutions to end users and ISV’s and see more and more customers looking in this direction. As an IBM MSP we have everything an iSeries user needs to move to the cloud.

Back to the question – How do Blue Chip move you into the cloud – we can help you put together your SLA’s and will build the cloud solution to deliver them. So next time your upgrading your iSeries consider talking to Blue Chip about moving it into the cloud.


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