How to increase your SAN storage capacity on a tiny budget

grow SAN storage capacity

For anyone trying to stay on top of an explosion in data when their IT budget has remained static, I’d like to say you deserve a medal. You’re being tasked with providing the digital space your organisation needs, and it’s ballooned over the pandemic era. Also, you’re being asked to keep performance and security at optimum levels. How do you increase SAN storage capacity at pace with business growth?

Maybe your company doesn’t need an IT manager, but a superhero. Before you go searching for a cape though, we’ve got an answer for your complex problem.

Expanding your SAN storage capacity without sacrifice

No matter what kind of business you run, we have the solution to your storage woes, in a devastatingly simple form. It already supports the storage you have, whether you’re using bare metal, virtualised or containerised servers.

We’d like you to introduce you to this new affordable, powerful and compact all-flash solution from IBM. Even if your existing storage is from another vendor, like Dell, HPe or Lenovo, it can be virtualised at no additional cost. AI-driven automatic data placement takes care of your digital estate.

The IBM FlashSystem 5200 ‘bolts on’ to your existing storage. You don’t get a cut in performance or security, in fact, quite the opposite. This NVMe Flash Array galvanises your IT environment, reacting in as low as 70 microseconds.

You then can expand server storage capacity and capabilities as your business needs grow and change.

In 1U form, it’s a slice of genius

There’s no need to worry about this kit taking up a lot of physical space. The IBM FlashSystem 5200 is a compact wonder, thanks to IBM Spectrum Virtualise software. It’s crafted for enterprises, always optimising workloads on the fly.

As much as 2.3PB of data can be held in a 1U slot. It’s down to the high density of FlashCore modules, storage class memory, end-to-end NVMe and close integration with Red Hat’s OpenShift.

Taking the convenience even further, you’re provided with comprehensive performance and capacity monitoring, reporting, and proactive recommendations from IBM Storage Insights.

IBM Spectrum Virtualise brings in more capabilities:

  • 3-site replication
  • Improved scalability
  • Data reduction

Speak to us now to learn of the surprisingly low and scalable costs of this ground-breaking new solution that grows your SAN storage capacity.


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