How to create the right backup and recovery solution for your business

backup and recovery

Ransomware is on the rise – attacks against businesses have risen dramatically in 2017, and a company is affected by ransomware every 40 seconds[i]. If a device is affected by this malicious software attack, hackers threaten to delete or publish the device’s data unless a ransom is paid, which makes it particularly concerning for businesses. The NHS, Mondelez and Telefonica are just a few of the high-profile businesses that have suffered at the hands of ransomware hackers.

With businesses collecting more data than ever, and attacks becoming increasingly prevalent, it has never been more important for organisations to have a strong backup and recovery solution to avoid data loss. While these solutions have been in existence for decades, the research that went into Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Data Centre Backup and Recovery solutions unearthed some revealing insights into how businesses’ preferences and requirements for backup and recovery are changing.    

Backup and recovery services have evolved

Since backup services were first introduced over 30 years ago, they have been developed significantly. Businesses can now choose from a range of approaches, as new deployment options and recovery techniques are on offer and the number of vendors offering backup services has expanded.

Providers of backup and recovery services have faced many challenges over the years, particularly as databases have swelled and they have been required to protect increasingly large amounts of data. They have also had to adapt to new technologies and processes, from integrating with the cloud and protecting software as a service (SaaS) applications to securing server-virtualised environments.  

The business approach to backup is changing

As businesses develop their IT infrastructure, what they look for in a backup and recovery provider is changing. The majority are now deploying their mission-critical workloads in server-virtualised environments, so they’re looking for virtual machine backup that can be easily scaled up to meet future growth. SLAs are rising, so companies are asking for improved backup and restore times. They are also seeking a backup solution that’s easy to deploy, has a quick time to value and is easy for their staff to use.

Interestingly, businesses are also moving away from large providers, as they no longer see them as safe choices. They’re more willing to deploy several backup solutions in order to create an overall solution that meets all of their needs. They are increasingly turning to smaller providers for solutions that are easy to manage, meet their service level needs and their budget.

How can Blue Chip help?

There are many elements that must be considered when creating a truly robust and capable backup and recovery solution. For example, in the event of a disaster, how quickly would your processes need to be restored to avoid unacceptable consequences? When the General Data Protection Regulation is introduced in May 2018, will you be able to completely remove backed-up data of those who request it?

That’s where Blue Chip’s technical teams come in – we’ll work with you to identify your needs in areas such as service levels, availability and whether you’d like your data to be stored on or off site, and advise you on the right solution for your business. We can then create a backup and recovery solution that is entirely defined by your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a cloud backup solution or off site tape storage, you’ll get best-in-class, secure back up from our team of experts. To discuss your business needs, contact us on 01234 224400 or email


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