How much pressure is home working having on your critical IT systems?

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The UK Government has quite rightly recommended that those who can, should work from home during the continued fight against COVID-19. This of course means that there will be a huge amount of pressure on businesses technology to allow employees to perform their roles as close as possible to being at their permanent place of work.

We have already seen when the first direction was implemented around mid-March that Microsoft Teams had major issues, due to unprecedented and instant demand for businesses to communicate in a different way, which resulted in it being unavailable for a significant period of time. With continued uncertainty surrounding just how long we will have to work like this, it will only put further demand on the underpinning technology of both the employer and likewise, employees’ home technology to continue and allow them to deliver their working obligations the best they can.

Let’s not mention trying to do it with kids running around, as that opens a whole other world of challenges! 

Making technology as flawless as it can be

Many of us are dependant (whether aware or not) on the server technology running at optimum performance to perform our day to day work but this will be amplified in the current situation with more and more users having to work remotely, placing increasing pressure on businesses IT infrastructure.

Ensuring this critical equipment is running smoothly allows such things as internal communication applications to run smoothly and cope with demand. This enables employers and employees to continue talking, engaging and sharing critical business messages with each other in real time, to keep as much efficiency as possible whilst also helping to relieve seclusion and separation, keeping up morale and helping to lift moods in what is potentially quite isolating for some.

Another reliance may be for major suppliers’ logistic applications to ensure the correct supplies are shipped to the relevant stores, meaning that we at least have some food on the shelves in supermarkets, which must be kept running at this crucial time.

These are just a couple of pertinent responsibilities that server and storage technology is responsible for today but there are a million and one other things that we take for granted each day, at work and in our personal lives, that are dependent on having solid and reliable IT infrastructure

With the increase of pressure on these systems now and the reliance on them to allow people and businesses continue to perform, are your IT maintenance arrangements robust enough to cope should there be a major or even a minor incident in your data centre?

The ideal solution for this unusual situation

It is now more important than ever to ensure both the systems and business is fully protected as unfortunately these restrictions and rules may be around for some time to come. 

Blue Chip has 33 years’ experience in supporting critical IT equipment, ready to offer intermediate or longer-term maintenance that ensures you have one less thing to worry about in these unprecedented times.

Over a decade ago, we extended our renowned hardware maintenance from just IBM, by including other major OEMs in server, storage and networking technologies. In today’s difficult conditions we support major corporate organisations across the four walls of their data centre by maintaining their critical IT equipment and monitoring their environments using our award-winning Itheon toolset.

As a world-class provider of critical IT maintenance, disaster recovery and wholly owned data centre managed services, we are recognised as key workers in this unprecedented situation, and we are here to help! We cover a wide variety of equipment from technology vendors:

  • IBM
  • Netezza
  • HPe
  • Dell
  • Sun/Oracle
  • Dell/EMC
  • NetApp
  • Teradata
  • Cisco
  • Lenovo
  • Fujitsu
  • Brocade

Blue Chip has robust business continuity strategies in place, and we continue to deliver services to all our customers no matter where they are in the UK. 

Please get in touch if you do not have adequate support during this time and would like to discuss how we can help support your business either short term through this current period, or longer term once we have beaten this virus. 


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