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When it comes to digital technology, hybrid cloud infrastructure provides businesses with flexibility, scalability and security. It’s proving increasingly popular with businesses that want to combine their own data centre or private cloud system with public cloud resources such as Software as a Service. LogicMonitor’s 2017 survey predicts that 22% of companies will be running on hybrid cloud platforms by 2020.

Meanwhile, on-premise workloads will likely shrink to around 27% of all workloads.

Blue Chip is an IBM Power Cloud provider

Blue Chip Cloud is listed in IBM’s Global Solutions Directory. Blue Chip’s expertise with IBM technology can be traced back to when Blue Chip was founded in 1987. The company began life as a provider of third-party maintenance on IBM hardware, before expanding into disaster recovery and hosting customer systems.

“The Power servers are designed so that they can work with huge amounts of data quickly, making them perfect for the modern era enterprises where data and the insights it can provide are more and more important.” – IBM IT Infrastructure Blog

Today, Blue Chip provides both private and hybrid cloud solutions on a range of platforms, including IBM Power, x86 (Windows and Linux) and z Systems. Blue Chip can guarantee provisioning of new IBM Power infrastructure within 48 hours for standard workloads.

Utilising IBM Power

Blue Chip Cloud uses the IBM components listed below to build its Software-Defined Data Centre, which in turn provides a unique service to customers through orchestration and automation.

As Blue Chip fully owns their Tier 3 and Tier 4 Design data centres, they can promote resilience and autonomy, as they maintain full control of the whole supply chain.

  • IBM Spectrum Storage Suite
  • IBM’s Flash System
  • IBM POWER7, 8 and 9 processor-based IBM Power Systems
  • Software-Defined Networking

Businesses often underestimate their capacity when they acquire a traditional cloud system, and the upscaling process can be expensive. By harnessing IBM Power, Blue Chip Cloud can provide customers with total flexibility when it comes to storage and processing, in order to accommodate peaks and dips in usage with ease.

“IBM Power Systems servers deliver a scalable big data architecture to crush data-intensive workloads with ease…” – IBM

Blue Chip’s partnership with IBM has enabled them to build the largest Power Cloud on the market today. From private and multi-tenant clouds to PCI compliant Power Cloud options, each solution can be tailor made in line with individual business needs and requirements. As soon as the cloud is live (usually within 48 hours), Blue Chip can test environments based on live system data to assess whether further optimisation is needed.


Watch Tim Stringer, Chief Information Security Officer at Blue Chip, talk about how businesses can establish hybrid and private cloud security with confidence.

As well as hybrid cloud services, Blue Chip also provides advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics services using IBM Power and Nvidia GPU systems. This enables customers to gain valuable insights into their business data; information that will help them improve their processes and as a result, boost their bottom line.

IBM’s current POWER9 servers are made to respond to the highest demands. They are based on unique customer-centric technology and focused on reliability, security and speed. The POWER10 iteration is due to be released in 2021 and, among other things, will feature an even larger memory bandwidth and new process technology. Watch this space!

Summary of Blue Chip Cloud benefits

Autonomy: Ownership of Tier 3 and Tier 4 by design data centres ensures there is no supply chain risk.

Greater security: Some people think that maximum security can only be achieved through a private cloud, however your customer data is secure with Blue Chip Cloud. The company certifications and individual team member qualifications are evidence of this.

Quick deployment: 48-hour implementation minimises downtime and enables you to hit the ground running with speed.

Innovation and flexibility: Replica test environments help you plan for future capacity and only pay for the services you need. In other words, you can align your processing requirements with demand at any given time.

Analytics: Blue Chip is partnered with many analytics providers and by using IBM PowerAI technology, insights are delivered much faster than x86-based hardware.

Compliance: The strongest international standards are adhered to by Blue Chip, ranging from ISO certifications on information security and sustainability, to SOC 2 and PCI Level 1 compliancy.

Monitoring: Blue Chip’s ground-breaking Itheon software breaks through ‘siloed’ information, rapidly highlighting the root cause and effect of a problem as it occurs.

Support: Help is available 24/7 via a dedicated team and in-house UK service desk. Blue Chip has a wide number of specialist staff working on every aspect of its managed services.

Insights: In a data-driven world, AI insights allow you to make valuable changes to your business.

Environmentally conscious: Blue Chip’s low carbon data centres are eco-friendly, with a PUE of 1.13. Carbon emissions are regularly offset by internal recycling and a tree planting scheme with a local forestry charity.

In an uncertain climate, flexibility, security, resilience and enhanced customer engagement are key. With the help of IBM Power, Blue Chip Cloud can offer all four — and more!

To find out more about Blue Chip Cloud, please call us on 01234 224400 or complete our enquiries form and we will be in touch.


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