How do you move HP or Dell x86 customers to IBM x86 for their Windows or Linux based applications?

IBM technology in the cloud

Simple, you place them into the Blue Chip Cloud!

Many companies around the world generally accept that IBM server technology is top quality, however companies still don’t buy IBM technology. Why is this?

  1. Back in the early days of x86 servers IBM used to charge 10-15% more than the equivalent Compaq or Dell server
  2. Over the Years these same companies IT staff became brand attached to Compaq/HP & Dell
  3. As VMware came into play the demand for storage also exploded, suddenly IBM found itself not only competing with the likes of EMC and HDS, but new smaller and more agile players entered the market. Customers found IBM’s high end storage had all the functionality but this was being undercut by leaner emerging players able to provide similar functionality but at a greatly reduced price point.

These are just a few reasons why companies have moved away from IBM technology. I’m sure there are more than I have listed. I’m sure you can think of many more.

In reality, IBM have always made technology which is as good as any individual manufacturer of servers and storage products. It may have taken IBM a bit of time to find the correct price and technology mix, however with acquisitions of Texas Flash, XIV and V7000 type technologies, IBM now have the storage product range to compete. IBM technology is also genuinely good value; however the perception that it’s not good value has already been set.

So how do we move these companies that are now brand loyal from HP, Dell, EMC and Netapp across to IBM technology without having to fight their brand attachment? The answer is simple – move them into Blue Chip’s cloud where they buy a service solution rather than the underlying technology. It just happens that the underlying technology in Blue Chip’s case is IBM and this is because we recognise and take advantage of the benefits.

For example, instead of mixing one manufacturer of a server product with another manufacturer of storage we use IBM top to bottom. We recognise that doing this significantly reduces the complexity and interdependencies of software and code between one manufacturer and the next. Doing this has enabled Blue Chip to significantly reduce the type of unscheduled system outages we have seen customers face over the years. Firmware compatibility issues are a thing of the past, helping to reduce operational and management overheads.

Using only IBM has also helped us in combining our X86 cloud with our IBM Power Cloud, again reaping the benefits mentioned above.

At Blue Chip we use IBM xSeries, Blades and Power6/7 servers to provide Linux, Windows, AIX and IBMi (OS400) operating systems. We use a mixture of IBM V7000, XIV, DS8K and internal IBM storage arrays. Plus we use IBM tape storage and backup vaults which are based upon underlying IBM x86 running Linux technology.

This is repeatable and scalable, and today Blue Chip specialise in providing cloud services to companies that require a mix of both IBM POWER and x86 operating systems.  

Every decision we have made around the underlying technology is based around delivering what we have found customers want from cloud solutions – a good SLA on hardware availability and uptime that insures their business applications are always running. Because Blue Chip is providing SLA’s and performance measured against KPI’s, our customers don’t really care about the underlying brand of technology. They buy Blue Chip, they buy service.


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