How to cut 70 percent of your IT budget in one year

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cut 70 percent off your IT budget in one year
23 Feb 2012
How to cut 70 percent of your IT budget in one year

Working within an organisation that offers solutions to support a companies IT cloud infrastructure, I read with interest an article highlighting the benefits of moving to the cloud, not only from a cost basis but also from a productivity basis.

There were a few key statements that I took from the article that show’s how easy it can be.

“We haven’t had any issues from moving to a SaaS environment. We didn’t spend a bunch of money on hordes of consultants to get everything in place. It really was that simple”

“Our transition to the cloud means that today we spend less time managing all the plumbing and more time working on our own products. We’re even looking at deploying cloud-based systems for R & D. And let’s not forget, we are saving more than $2 million per year”

“That’s the kind of money companies can really put to good use. We can use those savings to hire strategic new employees or bring new features and services to our customers”

This is exactly the type of message Blue Chip are trying to promote, and a cost effective way to deliver cloud computing is to use Blue Chip’s state of the art tier 4 design data centre. A great example of the benefits that moving to the cloud can bring.

The full article can be found at

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This article was written by Mark Allen. As Health & Safety Office at Blue Chip, Mark is responsible for maintaining the company Health & Safety management system, Health & Safety training and managing compliance with company proccesses & procedures. Mark is an experienced Health & Safety professional, having worked in various industries, including; warehousing, distribution, office & manufacturing environments. Mark can be contacted via

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