How can your organisation benefit from the Blue Chip Cloud?

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Every week, an increasing number of companies are using cloud technology to facilitate flexibility and faster innovation and to accommodate economies of scale.

The Blue Chip Cloud is what’s known as a ‘hybrid cloud’. Before we hone in on the specifics and the benefits of this cloud service in particular, let’s define what a hybrid cloud is and how it relates to public and private cloud models. Or more accurately, how it links them together.

Public cloud

The most common mode of cloud computing is public cloud. The components – such as storage and servers – are operated by a third-party vendor like Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, who deliver them over the internet.

Public clouds are inexpensive to set up and run on a utility model, meaning the organisation only pays for what it uses. A public cloud’s APIs enable the user to manage it themselves and on-demand resources make it scalable.

However, as public clouds can be accessed by anyone, they’re commonly thought of as less secure than private alternatives.

Private cloud

Although private clouds deliver many of the same services as public clouds, they are tailored to the organisation’s specific requirements, making them more ‘bespoke’.

(Remember: a public cloud serves multiple users at once while a private cloud is a single-tenant environment.)

Private clouds are also recognised as more secure and compliant environments. Major private cloud providers include the likes of IMB, VMware and Oracle.

Where does the hybrid cloud fit in?

Disparate cloud systems become hybrid when they are seamlessly connected by another layer of technology. This interconnectivity enables unified management and orchestration across both public and private cloud platforms.

Hybrid solutions are proving so popular because they essentially provide companies with the best of both worlds – a healthy balance of security, scalability, flexibility and cost control.

Blue Chip’s experts discuss the benefits of the hybrid cloud.

Benefits of the Blue Chip Cloud

Security, performance and speed of delivery are just some of the Blue Chip Cloud’s key attributes. But what really sets it apart from other solutions is the way in which it’s tailored to the needs of the individual organisation and onboarded by a dedicated team of experts.

“We’ve used our extensive knowledge and skills in Linux, AIX, IBM i and AI, along with our IBM business partnership, to build the largest and most flexible Power Cloud available.”

When a company signs up to the Blue Chip Cloud, they are immediately assigned a named contact, on hand to support delivery and ensure that everyone involved in the project is fully informed and able to use the system to its full potential.

Customer experience, as well as technical excellence, is at the heart of what we do.

Other key benefits include:

  1. Speed

The high levels of automation we’ve implemented in our UK-based data centres mean we’re able to deliver built hybrid cloud environments within 48 hours, which is quicker than many other vendors. We know how critical it can be to “get it right”, which is why we also provide unrivalled testing facilities.

  1. Cost effective

In order to be fully effective, hybrid clouds must be tailor made to fit the needs of the individual business, especially in the face increasing AI testing and experimentation. We help our customers to outline their processing requirements so that they only pay for services they need – even if this is likely to change over time.

  1. Connectivity

The Blue Chip Cloud is versatile by nature. It can integrate with public cloud services while keeping critical and sensitive infrastructure effectively “in house” within our data centres. The customer still retains autonomy as we allow them to manage their own cloud solution.

  1. Security

Privacy and compliance are everything.

We comply with the Payment Card Industry’s strict security criteria; we’re also frequently audited and certified to the highest levels (SOC2 and PCI for managed services). We have enhanced security software and our highly qualified experts build zero trust environments.

Our team helps our customers to execute safe migration plans that minimise downtime.

Future-proofing our solution

To remain competitive and go above and beyond for our clients, we always make sure we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest updates. Right now, we’re delivering our 4th generation of x86 server workloads with IBM Power to enhance the performance of our clients’ key applications.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for cloud computing – why not join us?

To find out more about Blue Chip’s hardware and software solution services, give us a call on 01234 224400 or complete our enquiries form and we will be in touch.


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