“Here’s one we prepared earlier” vs “How long have you got?”: The different methods of providing monitoring add-ons

monitoring services

Server monitoring should always go beyond the Operating System.  The ability to monitor an applications performance, a storage device connected to the server, or a website availability from the user-end should all be integral to ensuring an infrastructure is monitored effectively.

The question that arises when using a monitoring product for all these is how the software vendor provides these solutions.  For example if you ask for solutions to monitor a Windows Exchange Server, what response do you get?

One response is the “we already have that” bolt-on solution that they can ship to you ready-packaged and providing out-of-the-box monitoring from day one.  That sounds good in the short term, but if there are no methods for turning some unwanted messages off, changing variables for bespoke monitoring, or having unique information in messages for your company, it can get ignored just as quickly as it was setup.  Each company uses an application in all sorts of different ways, so a “catch-all” monitoring add-on cannot really be viable unless it is adaptable.

The other method could be to have the Monitoring software house turn up and start writing a real bespoke solution to what application you wish to monitor.  Already that sounds expensive. As a customer wishing to monitor a product that is used everywhere (like Exchange), you would wonder why the monitoring software vendor is going to build from the ground up?  Surely they have already done this work elsewhere?

It is unfortunate that for many software vendors these two polar opposite methods are preferred.  However a third way that combines the efficiency of a ready-made solution along with the ability to make bespoke to your company quickly is the desire of Blue Chip and the Itheon monitoring software solution.

Since we are not only a monitoring software company but also a managed services company, we are continually working towards various solutions for aiding our Managed Services team, including for example:

  • IBM DS3400 / DS4300 / V7000 storage devices
  • FalconStor Continuous Data Protection / Virtual Tape Library
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012
  • EMC Networker
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Symantec Netbackup appliances

We then ensure that when written they are not only available to provide to other Itheon users but can be adapted quickly to what their requirements are.  This means a ready-made solution with added bespoke tailoring provided to ensure you are monitoring your unique infrastructure effectively.


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