Helping ISVs get their applications in the cloud when their application sits on IBM AIX or IBM i

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There are a wide variety of ISV’s across the world who have written core applications which sit and work upon IBM POWER servers, AIX (pSeries) or IBM OS400 (IBM i / iSeries).

But why would an ISV provide their software in the cloud, rather than the traditional way of selling a licence and then providing application support and services? Why not just leave the customer with an on-premises computing configuration?

It’s really about the ISV selling the application to new prospects as a solution, where their management do not need to know about the underlying IT systems.

Those ISV’s who are most successful are speaking and dealing with LOB (line of business) Managers within their prospective clients. These are the people whom the ISV can talk to about business challenges and how their application can help them achieve a goal, fix a problem, or increase top line revenues.

Using cloud-based applications has enabled our ISV clients to sell more of their software to new prospects and in far greater volumes.


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