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Going beyond customer service
Wednesday, 13th February 2019

Blue Chip's customer service is absolutely outstanding compared to others in business ITIf you were a fly on the wall in all the con­ver­sa­tions I’ve had with our cus­tomers through­out the past year, you would hear first-hand the top­ic that’s on all their minds: Customer Experience.

To com­pete and succeed today, busi­ness­es in every sector must place a laser focus on pro­vid­ing world-class, end-to-end cus­tomer expe­ri­ences across every dig­i­tal and phys­i­cal touch­point.    

Customer experience is more than just how they contact us, it’s the whole cycle of everything we do. From how easy they found us, to how they found doing business with us. The aim being for us to understand their business nearly as well as they do. It’s about the culture we have at Blue Chip that everyone here knows, understands, and is measured against. Customer Experience plays a key role in our values and how staff act day to day.

We have all been customers. We have all had an experience where we can think back to an instance, whether it’s in a clothes shop, renewing our mobile contract or dealing online or over the phone with a utilities company. Bad service happens. We know it. We feel it. We can sometimes understand it. That’s how Blue Chip was formed. With a frustration over the way the customer was being treated and a desire to give them the best experience possible.

It is that differentiator, service vs experience, which is critical to the Blue Chip vision and how we operate as a business day to day. We don’t want to deliver great customer service, we want to deliver a great customer experience. We want to partner with our customers to work alongside them rather than for them. We want to be proactive in our approach to supporting their needs, helping identify trends and improvements rather than be reactionary and service their issues if one arises.

A good customer experience comes from how you make a customer feel. For each customer, that is different. Therefore, we treat our customers differently depending on what’s important for them and we can only do that by really understanding our customers and offering them a tailored service that compliments them and their business. No two customers are the same and we recognise that and have the experts within Blue Chip to match our customers’ needs and to offer the right level of support and service to our customers ensuring it gives value to them. The result is we create brand advocates of Blue Chip.

Blue Chip is a people business and we believe that having core values set excellent businesses apart. While technologies and platforms evolve continually, Blue Chip's strategy is still guided by three core principles from its founding: a spirit of engineering excellence, a commitment to exceptional service through exceptional people, and a passion for efficiency.

Our company values represent our guiding principles and approach to all our customers. All our employees strive to:

  • Own It
  • Win Together
  • Innovate
  • Grow
  • Get Involved
  • Think Customer

When deciding what to work on, when thinking of how to prioritise, when looking at a new piece of work or a new relationship with a customer, it’s these things that we ask ourselves. The customer is in there at the heart of our values and all staff should be thinking of the customer before making any decision.

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This article was written by Manpreet Kahlon.