Global insurer signs IBM z13 mainframe maintenance contract with Blue Chip

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Global insurer signs IBM z13 mainframe maintenance contract with Blue Chip
Friday, 5th October 2018

IBM Enterprise z13One of the world’s largest insurance conglomerates has signed a contract with Blue Chip to provide maintenance on their two IBM z13 mainframes.

As well as being the UK’s largest third-party provider of IBM maintenance, Blue Chip is the only independent maintenance provider supporting IBM Z13 mainframes in the UK.

Over the past year Blue Chip has also signed IBM Z system mainframe maintenance contracts with the following customers:

  • One of the largest UK car insurers

  • One of the largest global insurers

  • Two top-five High Street retailers

  • One High Street bank

  • Four US$billion international IT providers

These mainframe maintenance contracts were not easily won. A period of careful consideration from these clients involved visits to Blue Chip’s base in Bedford, meeting with ‘Top Gun’ trained engineers and seeing the range of complete working Z systems, which include z9-z13 mainframes.

Thanks to Blue Chip’s unrivalled ingenuity in mainframe maintenance, each of these clients have reported annual savings reaching into six figures, helping reduce total cost of ownership.

IBM z13 enterprise servers are highly coveted in retail and insurance industries. These mainframes provide personalised customer experiences and intensive security on financial transactions and defence against cyber threats. Blue Chip’s market-leading position on hardware maintenance ensures these businesses retain their competitive edge.

Unlike the OEM and other third-party maintainers, Blue Chip can ensure all mainframe parts are held within the UK.

Your business can join these clients, running on advanced mission-critical IT infrastructure with outstanding one-to-one service. Contact Blue Chip to discover new opportunities that deliver a competitive advantage to you.

The UK's largest third-party provider of IBM maintenance has won an IBM z13 maintenance contract with a leading worldwide insurance company. Annual cost savings for clients with maintenance from Blue Chip, have reached into six figures.
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This article was written by Lee Bailey. With 20+ years sales and management experience in the Data Centre IT industry, Lee has vast experience delivering cloud and IaaS solutions.