Fundamental Questions to ask about IaaS


What is IaaS? It’s a straight forward question which should have a straightforward answer. However, with each provider of Infrastructure as a Service offering a slightly different answer finding a true definition can be tricky for those looking into the service.

In essence, IaaS is a utility model offering round the clock robust internet connectivity and virtualisation where computing power, storage and servers (either virtualised or ‘real’) are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

IaaS is still relatively new, though some would argue otherwise, in the marketplace but is beginning to move rapidly past the phase of early adopters into widespread use. One of the primary questions to consider when assessing a potential provider is how are the virtual machines and their workloads managed? What measures are in place to secure maximum uptime? What storage types are offered? And perhaps most importantly, how fast are any potential problems rectified?

Naturally, these aren’t the only questions to ask, there are lots of technical considerations. For example, what types of SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) can be put in place, how is this performance assessed and what measures are in place to ensure rapid recovery from any unexpected downtime?

Additionally, what are the implications for regulated and or critical and sensitive data when it comes to encryption, loss and legal action that seeks to search and examine data that is used or stored outside your organization’s direct control?

Obviously, there is far more to consider regarding IaaS then outlined here but these are just some of the questions any organisation should ask of any potential provider.


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