Why IBM storage

If you were considering investing in IBM storage but couldn’t make your mind up, their most recent announcement might make the decision easier for you.

Earlier this year IBM announced the streamlining of its storage offering by replacing its two non-mainframe IT storage lines with a unified IBM FlashSystem family.

What difference does this make for your business technology, and what are the benefits of offering storage in this way? At Blue Chip, we can speak with authority about IBM storage. We don’t just provide it to our customers (alongside many other IBM products and services), we use it to store our own data and extensively within the Blue Chip Cloud

Let’s look at the five main benefits of IBM storage.

1. It’s a simplified storage solution

Some storage providers rely on different platforms for different requirements. The problem is, most of the time these aren’t compatible, so the customer ends up having to acquire different hardware systems. IBM, on the other hand, has consolidated its storage products which is better for both the environment and the customer’s bottom line.

Two of IBM’s primary non-mainframe storage families – Storwize and FlashSystem A9000 – have now been replaced by the IBM FlashSystem family.

2. It’s a smart storage solution

IBM’s storage solution might be simplified, but it’s no less smart. An example of this is IBM Storage Insights, which is a cloud-based storage management and support platform with predictive analytics data.

This all but minimises the effort to manage your storage and provides AI-driven recommendations on how you can optimise your storage environment.

How does Storage Insights work?

Essentially, Storage Insights analyses how you use your storage system and server data. It identifies performance issues, the cause of any problems and pinpoints unused and under-used volumes to help you free trapped capacity for demanding application data.

As with anything, as it learns it becomes smarter. Yet it also relays information in an easy-to-digest way for the user. Insights and recommendations are communicated quickly using metrics data that, if delivered on a spreadsheet, would take weeks to analyse.

IBM Storage Insights is free for IBM Storage users. The enhanced IBM Storage Insights Pro offering has additional capabilities and can also monitor selected third-party storage as well.

3. It’s highly secure

Cybersecurity is a huge priority for organisations these days, and rightly so. According to The True Cost of Ransomware by Ponemon Institute, (April 2017), the average cost of a single attack is $5 million, with $1.25M (25%) attributable to system downtime, and $1.5M (30%) to IT and end user productivity loss.

IBM’s data protection solutions offer the following:

  • Instant recovery and reuse from data backups
  • Self-service data access to increase productivity
  • Simplified operations with SLA-based management and agentless solutions
  • Flexible data protection
  • Targets to help control costs

4. It’s a sustainable storage solution

Reducing our impact on the environment has always been a priority for Blue Chip. Our data centres have a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.1. We use effective cooling and lighting techniques to achieve this rating, and we also plant trees to offset our carbon footprint.

IBM’s simplified storage solution is enabling us to be even more environmentally friendly. Our storage capacity has grown by more than 500% over the last three years. Our Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is already scalable, flexible, resilient and cloud-focused, and now IBM’s FlashCore Module storage technology enables us to store more data in less rack space and using less power, all without compromising performance.

5. IBM Storage isn’t expensive, complex or just for the largest organisations

There are several myths that we hear commonly about IBM Storage. “It’s expensive”, “it’s only relevant for the largest financial services organisations with mainframes” or “it’s complex and we’ll have to spend lots on consultants”.

The truth is IBM’s offerings address the most challenging requirements from the largest organisations, but they take the innovations from those solutions and apply them to the storage offerings designed for small and medium-sized organisations too, which is often a significant benefit.

The pricing, ease of deployment and use of these offerings (specifically the FlashSystem family) comes as a very significant, pleasant surprise to organisations we work with. They are delighted when we position an IBM solution to them at a lower price and TCO than they would have achieved with other vendors.

So, how easy is it for you to see that IBM has extremely cost-effective offerings for smaller organisations? It’s as easy as clicking on this link.

To find more about IBM’s storage solutions, contact the Blue Chip team today.


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