Five cloud compliance challenges faced by the retail industry

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Evolving business models and buying behaviours are changing the way retail businesses operate. To remain competitive and maintain healthy profit margins, these companies need to focus on growing their market reach, managing stock flow efficiently during peaks and troughs while executing effective marketing campaigns.

We’ve only scratched the surface, because retailers need robust and compliant processes in place in order to tackle these challenges, so many are looking to the cloud as a viable solution. It’s easy to see the reasons why. Cloud computing is flexible, quick to implement and, in the case of Blue Chip, increasingly secure.

Let’s take a look at five of the largest cloud compliance challenges faced by the industry today and how Blue Chip Cloud – a hybrid cloud solution- can help overcome them.

    1. High levels of security

Some companies in the retail industry worry about how secure their data will be on the public cloud. The following need to be kept safe and secure to avoid the loss or breach of confidential data:

    • Customer data
    • Stock
    • Inventory
    • Reporting

Companies from all sectors need to comply with industry regulations and law. Public retail companies, for instance, must comply with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

For this reason, businesses should opt for cloud vendors who actively work with them to provide certified compliance. In many cases, input is needed from both sides to ensure due diligence is done. Data can be safeguarded using encryption, firewalls and other methods, including multi-factor authentication.

Why our cloud solution is secure for retail

Blue Chip’s data centres are audited and regularly certified to the highest security levels. This includes SOC2 and PCI DSS Level 1 for managed services, so retail companies can rest assured that we adhere to the stringent security criteria mandated by the Payment Card Industry.

We also harness a wide range of security software to protect customer data, from anti-DDoS to additional firewalls. Our in-house experts are accredited to build ‘zero trust’ environments and have earned security qualifications of the highest calibre.

    1. Peaks and dips in data

The amount of data a typical retail company works with, will vary in line with seasonal demand and market stability. Accommodating these changes in a seamless way can prove challenging on a private storage solution.

Hybrid cloud solutions, on the other hand, enable retail businesses to perform in-depth analysis and forecasts to predict customer behaviour, enabling them to make intelligent operational decisions. Retailers can also increase their IT capabilities at short notice and scale back during periods of increased stability.

Why our cloud solution is flexible for the demands of the retail industry

Blue Chip understands that processing requirements rarely remain stable, particularly in the retail industry. AI testing and experimentation also increases the need for agility. Blue Chip Cloud customers can match their processing requirements to demand throughout the year, in order to save costs and maintain an excellent customer experience.

    1. Ongoing compliance adherence

As the volume of retail data continues to proliferate alongside the evolution of analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, cloud compliance will remain a priority for companies operating in the retail industry.

Continued compliance can only be achieved through effective automation. The kind of automation which removes the cost and time implications of complex compliance, as well as room for human error that could compromise the security of consumer data.

Why our cloud solution meets compliance for the retail industry

We offer a hybrid solution, so customers can essentially benefit from the best of private and public cloud systems. As well as connecting to other public cloud providers for less critical workloads, users can keep sensitive workloads under lock and key in Blue Chip’s highly secure Tier IV by design data centre.

    1. Remaining profitable

Maintaining profitability in a competitive landscape is a key concern for retail businesses today. Many are looking to reduce unnecessary costs wherever possible, IT infrastructure included. Hiring IT professionals to work in-house managing on-premise storage solutions can be costly, and with the pace of technological change moving as fast as it currently is, critical training and upskilling can add further costs.

Retailers can save money by migrating to an outsourced cloud solution. Hosting, data storage upgrades and IT support are often included in the service, eliminating the need for a large in-house IT team.

Why we can service retailers with expertise on the cloud

We take staff training seriously, ensuring our employees thoroughly understand their obligations in relation to security. Our security measures are extensively detailed here.

    1. Growth and expansion

When it comes to growth and expansion, retail businesses without a cloud solution will find it difficult to synchronise data stored across multiple locations. This is a notable challenge for businesses with physical locations across multiple time zones. Cloud technology can solve this by enabling real-time data synchronisation on remote servers.

Why our cloud solution is best for expanding retail businesses

Thanks to our managed hybrid cloud, retailers can benefit from the best that both private and public cloud services have to offer. Blue Chip Cloud gives your business confidence and assurance, knowing that you have the trust of our highly secure facility for critical data activities and the flexibility and responsiveness associated with public cloud solutions.


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