The end of your IBM POWER7+, what should you do?

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19 Jun 2020
The end of your IBM POWER7+, what should you do?

Towards the end of the year, your IBM POWER7+ equipment is facing end of official support. What are your options?

Following the end-of-life date for IBM POWER7 systems last September, we now see the same for the later-released POWER7+ systems. IBM will stop standard maintenance support in December 2020 on model types E4D, MMD and E6D.

The IBM POWER7 systems have formed the backbone of many a data centre across the world since their release in 2010, because of the speed, agility and reliability they provided to businesses to run critical tasks.

However, like with most things, technology does move on and you may be considering β€˜is it time I moved to POWER9?’

Many IBM business partners will almost certainly be suggesting so, and of course there are benefits from this move. Blue Chip can assist with upgrading to POWER9 and will gladly advise on the best solution for you. You may now even consider migrating to the cloud. With over 150 IBM Power Systems in Blue Chip Cloud, we would be happy to assist with this option.

In many cases though, it can be difficult to justify what is an expensive and potentially disruptive exercise, especially in the current worldwide climate and if the systems are still performing the tasks they were bought to do. First question you should ask: do you need to introduce this risk?

Service extension from IBM may be an option in this case. Be mindful of inflated support costs and a reduction in service level if this option is chosen

Blue Chip can offer an alternative to these options that would mean no capital outlay on new hardware and thus avoiding the disruption to time and staff this incurs, while also allowing you to take control of the SLA you require and minimise recurring maintenance costs.

Blue Chip employ some of the most skilled IBM plant-trained engineers in the UK to truly offer OEM level support at third-party prices, meaning your equipment is in safe hands once you leave OEM support.

Contact us today if you are wondering how you are going to support your IBM Power Systems beyond the EOL date. If you are currently running POWER4, 5, 6 or 7 and are finding service levels diminishing and support costs increasing – we can help!

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This article was written by Geoff Foster. Business Development Manager (Maintenance Specialist)
Telephone: 01234 227094

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