Effective server monitoring across IBM i, AIX, Linux and Windows environments

Server monitoring for Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i

When it comes to choosing a server monitoring solution for your environment, it can be difficult to find a single tool which ticks all the boxes. This can be especially true for businesses with diverse environments, consisting of multiple platforms from Windows to IBM i, or even VMS.

This usually leaves many businesses using multiple tools across their estate which can lead to increased spend, more time wasted managing multiple tools, and can lead to issues understanding where problems have originated. However, at Blue Chip, we know how to effectively monitor IBM i, AIX, Linux, and Windows environments.

Most of the tools in the marketplace focus on one platform for their monitoring and then provide average – at best – monitoring for all others. Whilst this may not be an initial problem for a business heavily invested in the single platform provided when businesses have varied estates, there will always be a compromise in the quality of monitoring in one area.

Your hybrid server monitoring solution

What is needed in this situation is a true hybrid monitoring tool. Not one that has just taken parts of multiple tools and stuck them together, but a truly unified monitoring tool that covers every platform to a high standard. With Itheon, every agent for each platform has the capabilities you would expect from a top-class monitoring tool.

One of the key areas that make Itheon’s monitoring so strong is the ability to automate. Regardless of the platform, every Itheon agent can receive alerts and take a variety of actions upon them. The flexibility enables a business to configure detailed sets of actions, which can significantly save the time of their technical staff and allow them to focus on more important tasks. This leaves Itheon to complete the menial routine tasks. On average, 40-60% of daily operational tasks on IBM i can be automated.

Get only the relevant server alerts

Not only does Itheon have top-quality agents for each platform but as a fully SaaS solution, it allows users to manage everything from a single location. It’s the reason why it has the lowest alert per server ratio in the marketplace. Through our central rules, you can configure and setup the alerts to appear only on the things that matter to you and not flood you with irrelevant ‘noise’.

Itheon prioritises these alerts by severity, to help clearly identify what is important to the users. Another key benefit of the centralised rules is the ability to make changes quickly and easily. Mass updates and changes to the configuration can be completed across multiple platforms all through the central rules without having to go into every agent individually, which saves teams significant amounts of time. 

Monitoring servers through just one dashboard

The view has also been specifically designed to deal with a varied customer estate. The dashboard can separate alerts into a view that displays each platform under a ‘single pane of glass’. This massively simplifies things for users and saves a significant amount of time for them. As well as separating by the platform, the dashboard can be configured to separate alerts in several different ways such as system location or server type, among many others.

In summary, whilst the monitoring market is filled with many different tools available there are very few that provide hybrid monitoring and even fewer that can provide hybrid monitoring across all platforms at a high level. Itheon has been specifically designed in this way to meet the needs of varied and dynamic estates and is, therefore, the ideal tool to use in this scenario.


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