Driving in low visibility – Is that your system’s management strategy?

low visibility

In the last few days we have probably all had the experience of driving in low visibility. You feel your way forward slowly, reacting to incidents as they happen, seeing the way forward sometimes just in time and sometimes too late. You drive past those less fortunate than you either broken down or nursing dents, some peering hopelessly into bonnets, others waiting for rescue.

It’s also a simple fact that more often those cars at the side of the road are cheaper older models. We are all hoping for better conditions, where we can see further ahead and prepare more in advance.

It is always a surprise to me the number of companies that have this approach to their IT service delivery. They don’t have the tools to deliver a map of where they have been, or where their services are going. They can’t see the next bump in the road, or read the sign until it’s too late.

They simply hope for a better future and clearer days. This is not a strategy, nor is it the route to success.

For proper delivery of sustainable, repeatable, robust service delivery, proper systems management tools are simply a necessity. They enable you to plan ahead by understanding where you have been. They show you greater visibility so that you can see where the bottlenecks and accidents waiting to happen are. They deliver expert diagnoses of where your problems are and when the faults occur.  It’s a simple fact that cheap tools either don’t deliver these requirements or do them poorly.

Open source tools are like kit cars where you get the joy of building your own car. They take a long time and rarely deliver a satisfactory result. Then you have the really expensive cars that are so elite that few can afford them and most are not practical for everyday use.

Blue Chip Systems Management Services deliver the best of both worlds, 25 years in the making it goes well beyond open source and delivers levels of understanding that open source cannot ever hope to reach, delivered in time frames measured in days or weeks.  Designed for enterprise wide use and influenced by 25 years of customer stories, requests and experience Blue Chip Systems Management Services really are the solution of choice.

Built in intelligence shows you exactly where your problems are and when they occur, in a language you and your teams understand. Technical detail for the tech teams, plain English service delivery and impact analyses for stakeholders in the process.

A unified view of all your systems shows real time and historical analyses, allowing you to understand your past and prepare for your future. Delivering the visibility you require to avoid downtime, and slow service delivery. We automate fixes so that you don’t have to wait for rescue, the system fixes itself.

Hope is not a strategy, and your competitors are already seeing their way ahead if you are not. Blue Chip enables you and your teams to deliver a proper, robust, planned service to your business and your customers.


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