Do people still buy IBM maintenance?

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15 Aug 2019
Do people still buy IBM maintenance?

The answer to the above question is yes but let me take you through my 20 years’ experience.

Having worked in the IBM hardware maintenance market, there’s been an enormous shift in the market to third-party maintenance vendors. There are lots of reasons for this, but the main one is service.

Historically, service was always the reason customers would stay with IBM and pay their prices. They trusted the level of service, which had a great reputation for good reason.

Sadly, good things can come to an end. Lots of TSS engineers have been made redundant and the field-based staff are a shadow of their former numbers. There’s been a shift to remote fixes where possible, rather than a friendly local engineer. This decline in service has also coincided with significant increases in cost. It’s this move away from a personal touch which has eroded the loyalty to IBM, consequently creating the desire for change.

Whether you’re an IBM business partner selling IBM maintenance or an end customer who has the responsibility for keeping your business’s infrastructure available, there is a genuine alternative to IBM in the UK - a true IBM specialist.

Blue Chip was founded on providing exceptional support to IBM hardware users. Nothing can replace having an expert on site, standing in front of the machine. It gives you rock-solid assurance this fellow knows what he’s doing, and you can witness it!

  • IBM specialists for 32 years
  • UK based high level tech support team
  • Named local engineers
  • All parts required to maintain all contracted hardware held in wholly-owned UK stock
  • Access to firmware fixes
  • In-house 24x7 operating system support teams
  • Software and hardware technical support teams work together
  • Huge savings compared to manufacturer support costs

When you look into the detail and complete the right level of due diligence, you, like our hundreds of other customers will see it’s a no brainer too!

Call me today for a quote to maintain your own IBM hardware, or if you’re an IBM business partner, call me to talk about how we can help you to help your customers save money.

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This article was written by Sam Dean. As a Client Director in Blue Chip's Business Partner team, Sam works with both new and existing partners to introduce their customer base to services such as Data Centre Services, IaaS, Managed Services, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery and Break Fix Maintenance. Sam can be contacted via

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