Data storage: Not everything all in one place

You wouldn’t store your toothbrush, bleach and shower gel in the same place, would you?

Even ignoring the obvious health risks of doing so, it’s simply not the done thing.

Hopefully, you use your toothbrush twice a day, shower gel once a day and the bleach to clean the bathroom? Probably between once a week to a month, depending on your preferences.

Without putting much thought into it, human beings repeatedly sort, position and place the ‘tools of our environment; with one specific, tried and tested pattern: How useful is this object, or more specifically, how often do I use it?

When we go to work, the same can be said when seeing workspaces, communal areas and virtually any part of the office. Highly used objects are in close reach, while important but lesser utilised equipment is stored away.

Now, yes, there is a point to this. IT is one of the most innovative and advanced industries ever known to man. With the datasphere set increase to 163ZB (Zettabytes) by 2025, you would expect businesses to be preparing their storage infrastructure using the same basic pattern which has seen humans through thousands of years of progress.

No – let’s put it all on flash storage. Flash for everything. It will be super quick, they said, it will save us money in the long run, they said.

The reality is, storing all data using flash is just like having our toothbrush, shower gel and bleach in the same place.

Yet unlike your bathroom layout, whatever that may be, flash storage costs a lot of money, so placing these rarely-used items in it, is just flushing budget down the drain.

Most people aren’t aware that only 20% of data benefits from flash storage, meaning the other 80% can be stored more efficiently on other forms of storage such as disk, object or block.

As mentioned earlier, the world’s data is predicted to 163ZB, affecting everyone. The time to put your data in the right place, increase your business’s storage efficiency and reduce storage spend is now. Contact Blue Chip now for a no-charge storage consultation.


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