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IBM storage

We live in a data-driven world, yet transparency in today’s storage collateral is often lacking. Some vendors struggle to accommodate escalating user demand and exponential data growth. Often vendors can have multiple competing product families within their own portfolio that can make choosing the right solution even more complex.

This is exactly why IBM has simplified and consolidated their primary storage offering into a single family of products, built with IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize software, sized to meet needs ranging from the smallest storage array to the largest enterprise requirement.

“One platform to simplify your storage”

As well as using IBM storage to keep our own data safe, we deploy it for our customers and know the platform inside out. Blue Chip is an IBM Platinum Business Partner; our certified experts can provide insights into IBM technologies that aren’t on the radar of other users.

“As a business, we’re eager to leverage the high level of innovation that IBM storage is offering for ourselves as well as our customers,” says Chris Smith, Blue Chip’s Head of Sales & Marketing in a recent interview on IBM’s simplified storage announcement.

“IBM’s data storage improvements enable us to future-proof our service, and in turn future-proof our own customers’ businesses. IBM has allowed us to deliver a Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) that can provision not just the storage, but the compute, networking and the software in an incredibly flexible and scalable way.

“The IBM storage is a key component to enabling that.”

The main USPs of IBM storage:

  • Simple. IBM has consolidated its on-premise storage offering to make it more efficient and cost effective.
  • Smart and insightful. Storage Insights analyses how storage and server data is utilised, identifying and resolving performance issues.
  • Highly secure. IBM’s data protection solutions for storage offer instant recovery and reuse from data backups, among other features.
  • Sustainability conscious. IBM’s FlashCore storage allows more data to be stored in a smaller space, with less power needed.

Here are five surefire reasons to choose IBM storage.

Optimising space and eliminating underutilisation

At Blue Chip, the simplification of IBM storage is allowing us to utilise digital capacity better by reducing our storage footprint as well as that of our customers.

“Not only have we reduced our rack space but we’ve minimised our power consumption too,” Chris continues. “For Blue Chip, that’s really, really important. We run very ecologically-friendly data centres using free air cooling and avoiding harmful refrigerants or traditional computer room air conditioning, whenever possible.”

In 2017, Blue Chip had approximately two petabytes of storage across its two data centres. Nowadays, we host in the region of 11 petabytes, because many of our customers have experienced significant growth. However, IBM’s scalable storage solution means that we can accommodate this growth with ease and have a lot of extra space available.

Why choose Blue Chip as your MSP for IBM storage?

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner and having operated in the IBM sphere since we were founded in 1987, Blue Chip has extensive experience in bringing IBM solutions to market across a number of verticals, including retail, banking and healthcare.

When it comes to IBM storage, we have the additional advantage of being an end user ourselves. The Service Provider side of our business has a very demanding set of needs and we have often already addressed the challenges our customers bring to us.

This puts us in the ideal position to advise you on your business’s needs based on its current circumstances and future ambitions. We can troubleshoot potential problems during set up, ensuring a seamless transition with hands-on support throughout your IBM journey.

To find more about IBM’s unified storage solution, contact the Blue Chip team today.


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