Move your AS/400 or iSeries into the cloud without upgrading your application

Move your AS/400 or iSeries into the cloud without upgrading your application

Our expertise in IBM Power Systems cloud transition work means we can easily create an AS/400 cloud based on your legacy hardware and handle the upgrade concerns at our end. First off, we begin with a question.

When was the last time IT delivered something that enhanced your business?

If this question leaves you searching for a response, your IT is probably holding your business back in some way or another. ”Many business owners don’t expect their IT to be driving their business. They look at it as a CapEx, not an enabler,” said Brian Meredith, the founder of Blue Chip, earlier this year.

The problem is, the longer you put off upgrading your IT system by transitioning it into the cloud, the more challenging it becomes.

“At any point you could come across a bug. If you approach IBM and ask for a fix for a V3R2, for instance, they’d likely suggest you come back when you’re at v7.4! In relying on an old system, you’re also missing out on connectivity and functionality. Every year the systems evolve so you’re only getting a fraction of what you could be out of your machine.”

Blue Chip has been setting up, running, and maintaining IBM systems for over 30 years, renowned for comprehensive skillsets to help businesses get the most out of their IT.

“We can spot business enablement opportunities from a mile away. We’re dealing with leading edge technology all of the time, so we know what’s suitable for who and when.”

Creating an iSeries or AS/400 cloud

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your IT enhances your business is to leverage the connectivity, scalability, and flexibility of the cloud.

“We saw a large transition to the cloud between 2015 and 2017, but a lot of those didn’t actually start as transitions. Customers wanted ‘bigger and better’ and we offered them that or the option to move to a scalable model in our cloud. Once they understood the features and benefits, a lot of them chose the cloud.”

If you choose to move your legacy AS/400 or iSeries workloads to the Blue Chip Cloud, you gain a wealth of assurance and to move to an IBM i Cloud platform.

“We manage all the updates, patching, OS upgrades and performance tuning,” says Graham Emery, IBM i Support Technician at Blue Chip. Understandably, some businesses are hesitant to entrust their IT system to someone else. Fears around data security, compatibility and expense come to the fore.

“People sometimes think that they aren’t able to migrate because the applications that sit on their system are only supported by more recent OS levels. In some cases, they just haven’t got the support from the vendor in terms of migrating to a recent OS level,” Graham continues. Blue Chip can often advance a customer’s environments into the cloud without the costs and headaches of upgrading their application.

“As a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), we support the old hardware and operating systems as well as new ones. We have transitioned many legacy AS/400 and iSeries workloads onto the modern IBM i Power platform.”

Our aptitude for disaster recovery testing also sets our customers’ minds at ease when they upgrade their IT with us. Graham specifically focuses on disaster recovery, virtual tape libraries, OS upgrades and migrations in his role.

He uses the DR cloud to give the customer an opportunity to test their applications, ensuring they are supported at a high OS level.  Test environments are also used to troubleshoot any issues and generally provide the customer with the assurance that the migration will happen seamlessly. 

Ultimately, one of the biggest things that holds businesses back when it comes to enhancing their IT is a skills shortage. IT departments often need to leverage a range of different skills which makes recruitment and retention complex and expensive.

For the final word, we look again to Blue Chip’s founder.

“We can afford the best of those skills, that’s another driving factor for outsourcing. We have the expertise required to keep business’ IT optimised.”

To find out more, start a conversation with one of our specialists.


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