Could flash storage give your business a competitive edge?

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15 Feb 2018
Could flash storage give your business a competitive edge?

For your business to reach its goals and outperform the competition, you need storage that can keep up with a fast-paced working environment. In today’s market, you can’t afford to wait for data, and choosing the right storage solution can make the difference between hesitation and innovation.

That’s why businesses are turning to flash storage; that is to say storage infrastructure that contains flash memory modules, rather than traditional spinning disk drives. Flash storage arrays are intended to improve performance and help businesses to meet the real-time demands of their cloud, mobile and social environments, in a world where businesses are managing more data than ever.

Every business must consider budget alongside performance, which is why at Blue Chip we provide customers with a dynamic mix of storage solutions, enabling businesses to flex between the more sophisticated flash storage when they need it, as well as less expensive alternatives for those applications that don’t require that heightened level of performance. By taking this approach, our customers have received the quality of service and performance they require, at a manageable cost.

Improve your performance

While flash storage solutions vary, a typical flash solution can deliver up to 10x the performance of hard disk drives, enabling you to accelerate your applications. This means that you can get greater performance out of a flash solution than the standard rack of disks that data centres traditionally need to achieve basic performance.

Your flash solution should give you the flexibility to match its processing power with your workload need, so your most sensitive workloads have the highest performance. Therefore, it’s vital to check that your system also has the latest high-performance processors to achieve maximum benefit.

Become more responsive  

Flash storage not only improves the performance of your application, but also has a sub-millisecond latency, so you can access your data quickly. The increased density of flash storage means that to get the same speed from conventional hard disk storage as you can get from a flash storage system, you would need to buy a lot more disks and take up much more room in the data centre.

This can make all the difference when your customers expect you to be able to respond quickly to their requests – something that is particularly important for online transactions. With real-time data at your fingertips, you can improve your response times and boost customer satisfaction. For businesses that collect a lot of data, work with big data techniques or are embracing artificial intelligence, the speed of flash storage can also help to make analysis quicker and easier, so you can make well-informed decisions.

Confidently manage your budget

Many are deterred from exploring flash storage because they think that it will be too expensive, but flash is much more affordable than it once was due to data reduction technologies. To ensure your flash storage is as efficient as possible, look for a solution that includes data reduction functions like pattern removal, deduplication and compression.

As flash storage requires less space to store the same amount of data, you could reduce the amount you spend on data centre space and management requirements. Flash is also easily scalable, you can pay for what you need now and scale up or down as needed to stay within your budget. Those on a particularly tight budget could consider integrating flash storage into their mission critical production environments to begin with, and migrating secondary storage onto a flash platform at a later date.

Future-proof your storage

When you invest in a storage solution, you need to know that it will not just meet your business needs now, but also five years down the line. With workloads increasing all the time, the storage solution you deploy today will need to be able to cope with workloads from servers and applications in 2023 – so it’s likely that you’ll need a high-performance solution like flash.

Unlike disks, flash storage has no moving parts, which gives it a higher mean time to failure. With a well-built all-flash solution, you shouldn’t need to think about replacing your storage solution for around 7-10 years.

Give your business the competitive edge

Flash storage can make a significant difference to your business, but it’s important to remember that every solution is different and some will suit your business needs better than others.

At Blue Chip, we recommend IBM for storage, as IBM is currently the only company that can deliver an all-flash solution portfolio that encompasses all primary storage workloads. Their storage portfolio is so broad that we believe most businesses can find something that meets their needs within the IBM range – whether you’re looking for excellent performance, flexibility or a solution that’s budget-friendly.

If you’d like to talk to us about which IBM storage solution is best for your business, give us a call today on 01234 224400 or email

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This article was written by Blue Chip. Since being established in 1987, Blue Chip has grown to build a reputation for delivering the highest quality of service, specialising in IBM technology. Today Blue Chip delivers a range of IT services and solutions that are designed to support its customers in achieving their business objectives.

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