Cost savings through third party IBM software maintenance

third party IBM software maintenance

Contrary to the title of this blog, it is not about the cost savings achieved from third party IBM software maintenance. We’ll be stressing the importance of choosing the right requirement with the right service and maximising your value for money in the process.

You are probably already aware you pay an awful lot for software maintenance and rarely actually use it. For software maintenance on an operating system version which is “in support” you can stomach this, as patches and fixes are regularly released to keep your environment safe and operating to the best of its ability.

If you are running operating systems which are “in support”, the likelihood is you keep them up to date and want to continue doing so. Having software maintenance from an OEM like IBM, means you retain the entitlement to keep upgrading the OS version. Great! Case closed.

What if you are not running a currently supported OS version?

An operating system that hits an ‘end of service life’ point, will no longer have regular patches and fixes released. If you experience a problem and log a call, you will not even get any support, you will be told to upgrade your operating system. Although, on the bright side, you will retain the entitlement to upgrade.

Why do people run unsupported operating systems?

From my experience there are 3 core reasons:

  • Application limitations
  • Hardware limitations
  • Why fix something that is not broken?

Sound familiar? In most cases if businesses are running operating systems no longer supported by the OEM, it’s down to one or more of these factors:

  • The application is not compatible with the newer versions of an operating system
  • The hardware is not compatible with newer operating system versions
  • It currently works, really well, and it has done for a long time.

Which begs the question, why pay above the odds for OEM software maintenance on unsupported OS versions, when the only entitlement retained is the ability to upgrade to newer operating system versions? It’s an entitlement you will probably never use, and you do not even get any support!

The better option: reduce your OEM software maintenance costs by a guaranteed minimum of 50%

It’s not only the huge financial savings you can be making through Blue Chip third party software maintenance, there are many other benefits:

  • Year-round 24/7 access to the same experts who operate Blue Chip Cloud – the largest IBM Power Cloud in Europe.
  • Safely upgrade to any OS version which you were entitled to upgrade to, prior to expiry of OEM software maintenance. We will help you download your entitlements.
  • Committed Service Level Agreement (SLA) depending on the priority of your call log
  • Proactive advice and guidance to ensure your supported through every step of your technology journey

Did any of that resonate with you? It has done for numerous Blue Chip customers, who have switched to Blue Chip third-party software maintenance. They have saved a minimum of 50% against their current software maintenance, they have increased their service levels and they have enabled themselves to reinvest into value-add activities or simply provide that extra level of financial freedom, in what is still a very tough economic climate.

If you want to find out how it could work for you, get in touch today. You could also benefit from a 50-65% cost reduction when transitioning from OEM hardware maintenance to Blue Chip’s multivendor maintenance. If this is also of interest, let us know when speak to one of the Blue Chip team.


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