Cost-friendly Dell EMC Vblock system maintenance

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06 Aug 2019
Cost-friendly Dell EMC Vblock system maintenance

Vblock is an odd little word that belies the power that lies under the cover. A fully configured Vblock is an impressive beast to behold, but when you understand the rich data services it brings, the high availability and data efficiency a modern data centre needs to keep customers’ mission-critical businesses running and protected at any scale, you realise why a VCE Vblock comes into its own. Utilised by many global organisations for their cloud services, Vblock Systems have a strong reputation in performance and delivery.

Yet this world-class data serving does come with a significant cost, both in terms of purchase and ongoing maintenance. A system with this capability is going to be expensive to buy and with a machine of its complexity, there will be a need for code updates that only Dell EMC can provide. The only way to get those updates is through a hardware maintenance contract with the manufacturer. In effect, it’s a lock-in and sadly, lock-ins usually mean higher maintenance charges because of the effective lack of competition.

However, what happens when a machine reaches the ‘End Of Life’ phase when there are no more code updates being released by the manufacturer? As if by magic, the cost of an extended support contract becomes very similar to the cost of the purchase of a new system, even though the extended support still does not mean a continuation of code updates.

Therefore, a machine may be doing everything required and expected of it, customers are being dissuaded from sweating their assets, of getting the most out of them.

This is where Third-Party Maintainer Blue Chip can make a significant difference for Dell EMC VBlock users. Blue Chip can free them from the restrictions of manufacturer support and breathe new life into a Dell EMC Vblock System, all at a cost that won’t make a finance director wince. He may even smile. If a customer has an End Of Life EMC Vblock, or has notification of an impending End Of Life status, it makes sense to have a conversation with Blue Chip about VBlock maintenance.

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This article was written by Will Nicholls. Will is one of two Client Directors that specialise in catering for the needs of Blue Chip's Business Partner community. His particular strengths are in iSeries, pSeries & associated storage devices with an emphasis on formulating hardware maintenance solutions suited to our Business Partners requirements. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Will has a wealth of knowledge of the IT sector & is familiar with most things IT related. He's also a rather smug Bradford City fan.

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