Computing on Demand; The New World of IT (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)

computing on demand

As a Client Director, it is obvious to me that our clients are always looking for flexibility, scalability, competitiveness and service in the solutions they seek, in order to compliment the support of their IT infrastructures.

The modern IT department is a complex environment to manage and with internal resources on the whole limited, a need for a supplier who can offer a reliable service which can flex with the demands of their businesses has become paramount.

Yes, you can buy and manage your own infrastructure, however has the Cloud revolution given the IT professionals a new way of serving applications to the business?

Having been at Blue Chip for a while, I have always been privileged to have seen innovation in our services portfolio. So when a Cloud Services strategy was being derived, I listened and I watched to understand the new proposition.  

In it’s most simplistic form (the best way for a sales person), it was computing on demand. Buy what you want, when you want. It is like a pick and mix.  Do you want a development server for 1 month? Do you want 50 servers fully monitored and managed? Do you want more storage? The choices available allow for the flexibility in computing that the modern business world demands.

So yes you can deliver more with less with Cloud, so how long will it be before all businesses in the UK are using some type of Cloud to serve their customers? One year? Two years? Three at the most.

Her Majesty’s Government has also seen the benefits of Cloud to help reduce infrastructure support costs. They have recently developed a procurement portal to allow suppliers of Cloud to engage with all government bodies ( giving a chance for all vendors large or small to help with the evolution of Cloud IT within the public sector.

It is a pleasure to have seen the deployment of a fully scalable, resilient, secure Cloud infrastructure (IBM® Power, and x86) in our two state of the art Data Centres which will allow Blue Chip to continue to support our clients needs for another generation.

Feel free to contact me with your views on Cloud as it is opinions that shape our world.


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