Comparison: First day of a hosting contract/daughter’s first day at school

first day of a hosting contract

So a few weeks ago I had to take my precious daughter off for her first day at school. My other half was clearly more emotional than myself; however, on the car journey into work, it hit. The same feelings we had planning, visiting, choosing and then taking her on her first day were similar to the feeling many IT managers and directors face when implementing a hosted service for their systems.

So in order to help describe my comparison, I have written a short piece which could reflect either day:

Ever since our precious was delivered, I have been there through thick and thin. In the early stages I was always tentative, concerned with any minor issue and quick to get it checked out. Panicking over the smallest things and setting rules on what is right and what is wrong. I had to make changes to my environment to make sure I can guard against anything dangerous whilst providing a secure location.

With every day I have noticed a little more growth and have to buy kit that can be grown into. I cannot afford to let anything reach capacity as this in turn could stunt or constrain any growth. I have to make the decision on whether to choose brand products or look at cheaper alternatives. I am constantly shopping around looking for the best deals, however I have my preferred suppliers.

Well it’s that time in my life when my little precious has got big and is off to be looked after, fed and watered by experts in their field, in a secure location with policies and procedures in place to give me piece of mind.

The selection process was long and the application for choosing the right facility started over 8 months ago. We looked at reports and statistics on the facility and consulted current users to find out their thoughts. We made sure that what was important to our precious was catered for.  After comparing several options we finally made our selection and attended several meetings in which we were told by the experts how they would look after and support our precious in different areas.  Once all the paper work was complete we would start preparing for that life changing day.

Getting closer to the big day we are now preparing for a full day test to see how my precious copes. Thankfully the test went really well and has given me more confidence that I have made the right choice.

Now the big day is upon me and it’s time to hand over the responsibility. I feel terrified because I have little visibility, nervous as I don’t know what to expect and excited because I will now have more time to concentrate on all the tasks I had to put on hold.

The first week I am always checking how things are going and have regular updates and contact with the experts with review meetings scheduled for every term. They keep me informed on how my precious is doing and let me know if they have had any issues.

After a few weeks, I don’t have that scared feeling anymore and can relax and concentrate on other areas in which to improve our own environment. However, it is still ever so strange now that my time with my precious is limited to after hours and the weekend.

So what advice would I give from this experience; well it would have to be that be aware of your emotions through the whole process and make sure you are making the right choice, for the right reasons, whilst looking at the long term picture. Having the best people and facilities around your servers or children will only aide there development and growth. 

To me, it has been a real rollercoaster of a ride and I am looking forward to the next chapter.


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