CIO Challenges when running IBM Power alongside Windows & Linux

cropped CIO challenges

CIO’s in businesses across the UK and further afield are having new business challenges thrown at them from all sides every day.

Sometimes the challenges may come from the Board, or Line of Business Managers pushing for their IT department to leverage cloud technologies. Other times outside forces such as regulation or security threats such as Hackers, Cyber criminals, and DDoS type attacks are amongst the new challenges.

The list of challenges facing most CIO’s is truly endless. Luckily rather than going it alone most businesses are starting to leverage outside partners who have already deployed security and DDoS mitigation and have the greater scale to provide cost effective, flexible, and more resilient cloud based server solutions.

However where do CIO’s turn if in addition to their Windows and Linux servers they also operate critical back office applications running on IBM Power servers such as AIX or IBM i / OS400.

The Answer is Blue Chip who operate the largest IBM Power Cloud services on the planet providing AIX and IBM i, alongside Windows and Linux servers. This is all with a service that can include leading DDoS security and firewalls with IPS, and operate at a security level high enough to be certified PCI Service Provider type 1.

The author of this blog is Lee Bailey who has 22 Years IT, Senior Leadership & Sales experience in Managed & Cloud IT Services – please feel free to contact him directly with your comments or to discuss your requirements –

CIO challenges


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