cloud for banking

The cloud for banking and other highly regulated businesses

Choosing the right cloud for banking, insurance or any other vital financial service, is a complex task. Very few managed service providers (MSPs) have the accreditations and security to handle highly sensitive data. We’re ready to take on that kind of responsibility and we go beyond being a traditional MSP. Here, at Blue Chip we...
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grow SAN storage capacity

How to increase your SAN storage capacity on a tiny budget

For anyone trying to stay on top of an explosion in data when their IT budget has remained static, I’d like to say you deserve a medal. You’re being tasked with providing the digital space your organisation needs, and it’s ballooned over the pandemic era. Also, you’re being asked to keep performance and security at...
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third-party IT maintenance provider checklist

The checklist you need to pick the right third-party IT maintenance provider

Trying to find the right third-party IT maintenance provider to support your infrastructure seems like a never-ending nightmare. There is a plethora of options out there, many of whom make bold promises on supporting the equipment inside your business or data centre. We have heard some horror stories over the years from companies that went...
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What is cloud control?

What does cloud control mean to Blue Chip?

According to Techopedia, “Cloud security control is a set of controls that enables cloud architecture to provide protection against any vulnerability and mitigate or reduce the effect of a malicious attack. It is a broad term that consists of all the measures, practices and guidelines that must be implemented to protect a cloud computing environment.”...
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IBM enterprise cloud

The vital part of your enterprise cloud strategy

With a rock-solid assurance of security and an impressive record on uptime, Blue Chip Cloud is the platform that deserves to be the foundation for your enterprise cloud solutions. A wide variety of organisations have chosen us to host their business-critical IBM and ‘Wintel’ x86 systems inside our data centres. Through the expertise and experience...
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Analytics for actuarial transformation

Analytics for actuarial transformation in insurance and account level profitability for financial services

Advanced business analytics platforms embody the skills, technologies and practices involved in continuous iterative exploration, providing organisations with valuable insight into past business performance in order to plan effectively for the future. To maximise ROI, organisations must leverage their platform’s full potential. However, without flexibility, this isn’t possible. To ensure that our customers can tap...
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End of service life tipsheet

The differences between End of Life and End of Service Life for IT maintenance

It’s a great feeling when you have the latest model of something, be it a car, a smartphone or personal computer. You’re up-to-date and at the cutting edge. What’s not so pleasing and is always inevitable, is the march of time, when your prized possession is now a few generations behind the newest release. That’s...
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Remote IBM OS monitoring

The 4 benefits of remote IBM server management

IBM still dominates when it comes to server hardware and operating systems (OSs). Power Systems are a popular option for a mid-range server and the mainframes are rightfully recognised as reliable powerhouses. However, organisations are struggling as the servers age and their OS versions of IBM i and AIX fall out of date. Thankfully, with...
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Why a green data centre makes sense for your business

Why a green data centre makes sense for your business

A green data centre is one in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. It’s no surprise that businesses that are challenged with reducing their operational risk, tend to outsource their data centre to a dependable, scalable, cost-effective service provider. Many of these organisations...
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The definition of hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud: A definition

Everyone seems to have a slightly different interpretation of the hybrid cloud definition. It’s a term that comes up in daily conversation. I deal with cloud deployments and transitions here at Blue Chip for a multitude of companies, so here is my interpretation. The meaning of ‘hybrid cloud’ Hybrid, a word originating in the 16th...
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