IT server parts across Europe and the UK

It has always been said that IT and technology go in cycles, we rarely see new things, just reinventions of previous ideas – centralisation/decentralisation, cloud, edge, outsourcing, etc. The situation we now find ourselves in is unprecedented, no-one in our lifetime has experienced anything like this.

As a business, as a country, we know we will come out the other side. When, is anyone’s guess – four weeks, three months, who knows? The one thing I do know is that Blue Chip is founded on and driven by exceptional people who go the extra mile for our clients every day, backed by the spares and logistics in place to support our clients’ inventory.

The EU’s external borders have closed to most people, the potential of ports and airports closing could have a huge impact on the availability of parts for mission-critical IT systems. COVID-19 has well and truly arrived here in the UK, with the country getting close to lockdown, except for essential travel or work duties.

Can you access vital parts for your IT infrastructure?

The prospects of ports and airports being next to suffer is growing more and more likely. If that were to happen, many OEMs and multinational IT support companies would face a major impact on their server parts supply chain. Following a logical business process, many central logistics and spares holdings for these companies are held in central Europe, requiring daily and, in some cases, twice daily flights between countries.

In this time of uncertainty, keeping communication sources such as online worlds running, is paramount to people, while ensuring that critical IT systems in such places as hospitals, government buildings and supermarkets are functional, is vital. In order to ensure this, the underpinning technology behind it all needs to be maintained correctly now more than ever, and if it does fail then we must ensure that parts are freely available to rectify any problems.

The closure of ports could have a dramatic effect on the types of food that are available on the shelf, but it could also have a profound effect on keeping your critical IT systems running during this pandemic.

We’re ready to solve the shortage of server parts

Blue Chip has kept critical IT equipment running through other pandemics such as SARS and the 2009 swine flu outbreak. We always keep all parts in UK stock to assist our customers in these testing times.

If you are worried or are experiencing delays with parts, please contact us today, as we can arrange immediate short- or long-term maintenance contracts to give extra peace of mind during these testing times.


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