Blue Chip’s SOC2 certification

AICPA SOC2 certification

Blue Chip gained certification to SOC2 in November 2012 for the test period 1st Sept 2011 to 31st August 2012.

SOC 2 is a rigorous audit that is challenging for Blue Chip. The audit criterion includes a comprehensive list of control activities to meet the principles of security and availability.

Through the use of a SOC 2 audit, Blue Chip clearly communicates the internal controls in the environment to our customers. Our customer’s management can review the Independent Service Auditor’s Report and gain an understanding of the controls in place at Blue Chip to protect their data.

The SOC 2 audit could be used as part of our due diligence process to ensure internal controls meet published best practices.

By benchmarking against published principles from a recognized standards organisation (AICPA) both Blue Chip and our customers have visibility into the control environment as well as comfort that the controls are evaluated by an independent third party (Mazars). The results of the audit clearly communicate, through the SOC 2 report and website seal, that Blue Chip has a strong system of internal controls in its environment.

These certifications are a sign of our commitment as a company to continually better ourselves in order to continue to deliver the best services and solutions to our customers wherever we can.


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