Blue Chip’s SAS 70 certification becomes ISAE 3402 & SSAE

ISAE 3402 certification

Having continued to maintain our SAS70 certification for 4 years, Blue Chip will be following its evolution into ISAE 3402 & SSAE.

This evolution sees SAS70 split into ISAE3 402, international certification and SSAE, a US-based certification. Blue Chip will, therefore, maintain ISAE 3402, a development of SAS70 that includes additional requirements such as extending the audit beyond financial reporting and the auditor’s opinion included in the report. The ISAE 3402 will also include a formal assertion by the management of the organisation, affirming its responsibilities for the controls contained within the report.

Blue Chip will, therefore, be audited at an even deeper level, covering our controls and the management of those controls, providing further assurance of the quality of service we provide. It is this quality of service and the controls that allow us to provide the consistently high level of service that we pride ourselves on, making ISAE 3402 a welcome addition to our continued development.

These qualifications are a sign of our commitment as a company to continually better ourselves in order to continue to deliver the best services and solutions to our customers wherever we can.


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