Blue Chip sponsor local U11s Futsal team


Blue Chip are proud to sponsor local under 11s Futsal team, Kempston Colts, providing new shirts and equipment to help the team compete in the newly founded Bedfordshire Futsal league.

More commonly played in Portugal, Spain and Brazil, Futsal is relatively new to the UK and is designed to improve passing and movement off the ball. describes Futsal as;

an abbreviation of the Portuguese ‘futebol de salão’ or the Spanish ‘futbol sala’, both of which translated literally mean ‘indoor football’. It is played on a pitch approximately the size of a basketball or netball court with a ball which is smaller and heavier than the outdoor football and has a reduced bounce.

The ball forces a player to use their skill rather than the ball’s bounce to propel it. As a small-sided game, players are constantly placed in situations where they must receive or play whilst under pressure or in confined spaces.

Kempston Colts have currently played 6 games, losing just one, whilst also receiving glowing reports from the officials and organisers of the league. Holding training sessions on a Monday night with the England hearing impaired goalkeeper, and new supporters in the form of Blue Chip, the future looks bright for the Kempston Colts Under 11 Futsal team.


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