Blue Chip shows green credentials with Europe’s most energy-efficient data centre, encompassing Tier 4 security and resilience

Tier 4 design data centre from Blue Chip

Blue Chip’s newly built Energy Efficient Data Centre, encompassing both resilience and energy efficiency at the forefront of its design, opened on October 2010. The 5-acre freehold site in Bedford will house up to 600 racks supported by the highest levels of resilience and security. The 2MW facility will be cooled entirely by CRECS (computer room evaporative coolers) and is working towards a PUE of 1.1 which will make it the most energy-efficient data centre in Europe.

Blue Chip has also become the UK’s first company to benefit from the new upper level £500,000 Carbon Trust grant as well as partnering with The Marston Vale Trust to offset the carbon footprint of the new datacenter.

Brian Meredith – Blue Chip Managing Director

“The energy consumed in cooling data centres is more than just a financial issue. The carbon footprint of our industry is significant and we must take action in reducing our energy use. Our customers are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. We support this by providing the most energy-efficient infrastructure available.

“In a data center, the cooling is the most significant electricity consumer other than the actual servers and IT equipment. By using evaporative cooling technology instead of refrigeration we can reduce our indirect electricity use by over 90%.

“Electricity pricing and availability is volatile. The European Code of Conduct for Data Centers is currently advisory but we do not know if the principles contained in this may become mandatory. By designing in the lowest possible energy use in this data centre we are putting both Blue Chip and our customers in the best possible position for the future.”

Andy Rounding – Blue Chip Finance Director

“The Carbon Trust Interest Free Loan scheme has allowed Blue Chip to invest in the very latest technology. Major projects are capital intensive. The loan enabled Blue Chip to meet our environmental objectives by implementing both the most efficient and the lowest carbon footprint solution available.

“I found the Carbon Trust Interest Free Loan Scheme was very straightforward. Our Carbon Trust Account Manager guided us through the on-line process and the loan was processed and approved within two weeks.

“Blue Chip has plans to become the first carbon neutral data centre. By partnering with The Marston Vale Trust, a local charity responsible for the reforestation of 61 square miles in Bedfordshire, up to 750,000 trees will be planted to fully offset the carbon impact of the Blue Chip operation.”

Vic Henry – Blue Chip Technical Director

“The servers in our data centre require a secure supply of air at the correct temperature to maintain efficient and reliable operation. The EcoCooling evaporative cooling system should give 100% compliant conditions at less than 10% of the energy usage of the best available refrigeration system.

“Our customers demand the very highest levels of reliability and redundancy. This means we provide two completely independent infrastructures including communications, power and cooling at the lowest carbon impact.

“By significantly reducing the electricity demand for cooling this has enabled us to maximize the available power for productive use. This allows the business to grow without the power restrictions found in comparable operations.”

Alan Beresford – EcoCooling Managing Director

“EcoCooling has developed a unique cooling system for data centers, server rooms and IT equipment. The Carbon Trust Interest Free Loan scheme is an obvious way for many organizations to fund the installation of evaporative cooling. Our installers and end users use our performance and energy model to calculate the energy saving which is entered into the on-line application process.


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