Simon Clarke
IBM infrastructure services

The best choice for IBM infrastructure services

We have acquired quite the portfolio when it comes to IBM infrastructure services. Our experience spans back over three decades, starting with hardware maintenance. Then our collection of services gradually evolved to providing managed services. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a managed service provider (MSP) who manages upwards of 10% of the UK’s banking traffic...
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IBM enterprise cloud

The vital part of your enterprise cloud strategy

With a rock-solid assurance of security and an impressive record on uptime, Blue Chip Cloud is the platform that deserves to be the foundation for your enterprise cloud solutions. A wide variety of organisations have chosen us to host their business-critical IBM and ‘Wintel’ x86 systems inside our data centres. Through the expertise and experience...
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sustainable data centre

IT with an environmentally focused mindset

Many businesses around the world are now exploring how to reduce their carbon footprint, and we are no exception. We are all very aware of our actions and the effect our standards of living, as the human race, are having on the planet, and I ask at which point do we take it seriously?  Seriously...
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IT storage maintenance

Why IT storage maintenance is important

Keeping your systems healthy and running at optimal performance is a top priority. Your business-critical servers are maintained externally, and your networks are provided on an ultra-low latency agreement, so any problems you may encounter will be detected and resolved before you realise there was ever an issue. Who looks after your storage? Storage can...
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cloud compliance financial industry

Five cloud compliance challenges faced by the financial industry

For banks and other financial institutions, there are some decisions that shouldn’t be made overnight. Uplifting your customers’ personal data, replacing your racks of infrastructure and evaluating how expensive downtime would be during the move to a cloud service, are actions that need intense scrutiny before they’re carried out. There is a huge number of...
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