Sam Dean
Multivendor hardware maintenance for your data centre

Why sell Blue Chip multivendor maintenance?

I have been working with and selling through partners for many years now and I find it surprising that, even in today’s market, some specialist partners are persevering with pushing single vendor Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support. Then, they wonder why business is lost when a large global third-party maintainer comes along and sweeps up...
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IBM maintenance engineer

Why partner with Blue Chip for IBM maintenance services?

Hardware maintenance you can rely onWhether you are reselling manufacturer maintenance, or an end customer who has the responsibility for keeping your business’s infrastructure maintained and in working condition Blue Chip can support your needs. Blue Chip goes about delivering support and maintenance the old-fashioned way. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional support and nothing...
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IBM maintenance

Do people still buy IBM maintenance?

The answer to the above question is yes but let me take you through my 20 years’ experience. Having worked in the IBM hardware maintenance market, there’s been an enormous shift in the market to third-party maintenance vendors. There are lots of reasons for this, but the main one is service. Historically, service was always the reason...
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third party ibm storage maintenance

Is your IBM storage ripe for third-party maintenance?

Those of us that have bought IBM storage love the reliability. We know and trust IBM to build robust, scalable storage products that are designed to last and easy to work with, a dependable foundation for business growth. But – and there is a but – the truth is they’re not cheap to maintain. Every...
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Maintenance America

Coming to America – Blue Chip’s IBM maintenance

At Blue Chip, we have been providing unrivalled service to our clients for well over 30 years. We’re a mainstay in the hardware maintenance industry, trusted to support IBM’s full range of hardware products, from IBM x86 platforms through to IBM Power Systems, System z mainframes and related storage. Before we’re accused of bragging, our...
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IBM DS8100 and DS8300 end of life

Don’t put your DS8100 and DS8300 storage out to pasture just yet

IBM says goodbye to it’s well known well loved storage platforms the DS8300 and DS8100 systems. Both systems will become end of service in March next year.  The machines have been among the most successful in the history of the IBM storage story, with lots of customers reluctant or unable to afford to change. Many...
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IT disaster

Short memories in business and a lack of Disaster Recovery can carry significant costs

I was working in the Disaster Recovery industry when the Twin Towers came down during 9/11. I remember being horrified! The following few weeks were a frenzy of activity for the industry. Companies without a Disaster Recovery contract or plan went out to market to get coverage, some did it properly completing a business impact analysis, taking...
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