Nathan Chapman
reasons for backup and recovery

Everything you need to know for a successful backup and disaster recovery strategy

Many businesses across the UK do not test their backup and disaster recovery procedures. They assume that because they pay for it, it will work. Sadly, they are usually wrong. I will cover the reasons why backups are important, why failing to prepare means you are preparing to fail, and most importantly, why it is...
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financial services cloud

What makes Blue Chip Cloud number one for financial services?

COVID-19 and financial services I don’t need to say it. 2020 has been incredibly difficult for every sector. Arguably none more so than the financial sector. As stocks plummeted & interest rates hit an all-time low, we still don’t know the full impact of the pandemic on the economy. With unemployment rising and businesses going...
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IT server warranty

What should you do when your IT warranty comes to an end?

You may already know all too well that organisations are asking for more from IT professionals, with less resource, in a bid to cut costs and save money. IT infrastructure, unfortunately, isn’t free from these financial constraints. When an organisation buys new infrastructure they get a standard warranty from the equipment manufacturer included in the...
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environmentally friendly data centre

The importance of a carbon-neutral data centre

We are living through an extraordinary era of humanity. There’s a 5p charge for plastic bags, we have the technology telling us the exact energy used to boil a kettle. But what are we really doing to save the planet? Every day there is a new problem that we seem to have caused. Earlier in...
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