Kieran Gash
cloud for banking

The cloud for banking and other highly regulated businesses

Choosing the right cloud for banking, insurance or any other vital financial service, is a complex task. Very few managed service providers (MSPs) have the accreditations and security to handle highly sensitive data. We’re ready to take on that kind of responsibility and we go beyond being a traditional MSP. Here, at Blue Chip we...
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The definition of hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud: A definition

Everyone seems to have a slightly different interpretation of the hybrid cloud definition. It’s a term that comes up in daily conversation. I deal with cloud deployments and transitions here at Blue Chip for a multitude of companies, so here is my interpretation. The meaning of ‘hybrid cloud’ Hybrid, a word originating in the 16th...
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third party IBM software maintenance

Cost savings through third party IBM software maintenance

Contrary to the title of this blog, it is not about the cost savings achieved from third party IBM software maintenance. We’ll be stressing the importance of choosing the right requirement with the right service and maximising your value for money in the process. You are probably already aware you pay an awful lot for...
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IBM Power System software unsupported

Is your IBM Power System’s software unsupported?

Businesses around the globe continue to pay for IBM software maintenance. For those running POWER8 and POWER9 systems, this makes perfect sense, as these systems are compatible with the latest operating system (OS) versions (V7R4 on IBM i and V7R2 on AIX). This means that if those businesses are not currently running the latest OS...
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ProtecTIER end of life support

Where to look for ProtecTIER end of life support?

Yet another headache in the wonderful world of IT. For several years, major corporates – at least 500 to our knowledge – have been trusting their virtual back-up and restore methodologies on IBM’s ProtecTIER family of products. It did a fantastic job. As we come to the close of 2020, we’ve hit the ‘end of life’ phase for this product.  Where does a...
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disaster recovery

Do your backup and DR facilities fit your needs?

Back up and Disaster Recovery (DR). Some very simple concepts that businesses have always needed and always will need. However, the ‘how’ is changing rapidly as technology surges forward in an uptrend pointing up at the clouds; pun intended. Can you answer these backup and DR questions comfortably? How long could your business go if...
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hardware maintenance

The three pillars of a hardware maintenance service

Hardware maintenance: it’s not sexy, and It’s certainly not a head turner. However, it is essential to any business running IT infrastructure. Often, it is ignored and even undervalued. But when your critical IT is down, hardware maintenance is your last defence against disaster. If you’ve ever been in this position, then you’ll know how...
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Benefits of private cloud

What are the five benefits of private cloud?

Everyone has heard of cloud technology but how many people really know the ins and outs of it? For instance, there are several types of cloud technology available to organisations: public cloud; private cloud; multi-cloud; hybrid multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. For those of you unaware, private cloud is a method of cloud computing provisioned over...
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Data storage: Not everything all in one place

You wouldn’t store your toothbrush, bleach and shower gel in the same place, would you? Even ignoring the obvious health risks of doing so, it’s simply not the done thing. Hopefully, you use your toothbrush twice a day, shower gel once a day and the bleach to clean the bathroom? Probably between once a week...
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automation and orchestration

Why automation and orchestration are a digital springboard for your business

I would never describe myself as overly technical. More imaginative, idealistic and forward thinking. In my first six weeks at Blue Chip, when I started my journey into the IT industry with Blue Chip, I knew less than Jon Snow. Now I am starting to understand and explore the vast potential which IT can deliver...
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