Kate Tattersfield
IBM Power Systems

Leading IBM Power experts – delivering whole life support

Blue Chip Cloud specialises in the full IBM Power spectrum When it comes to IBM Power, we know every system – both new and legacy – inside out. In fact, our in-house team of experts have been selling, maintaining and running IBM systems since 1987, around the time IBM received the Nobel Prize for physics for their...
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hybrid cloud

The benefits of the Blue Chip Cloud

The Blue Chip Cloud is a unique hybrid cloud solution. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? In this article, we’ll explain exactly what makes the Blue Chip Cloud so beneficial for businesses looking to achieve flexibility while ensuring enterprise levels of security. Let’s start with an overview. Blue Chip Cloud is built on three...
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which cloud for retail

Five cloud compliance challenges faced by the retail industry

Evolving business models and buying behaviours are changing the way retail businesses operate. To remain competitive and maintain healthy profit margins, these companies need to focus on growing their market reach, managing stock flow efficiently during peaks and troughs while executing effective marketing campaigns. We’ve only scratched the surface, because retailers need robust and compliant...
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cloud security

How can regulated industries gain security in the cloud?

Concerns around data privacy have prevented some companies — particularly those in the most security-conscious industries — from moving to the cloud. Despite Gartner’s forecast that, by 2022, up to 60% of organisations will use an external service provider’s cloud managed service offering (double the percentage of organisations from 2018), there’s still some unease around...
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IBM Power Cloud

How does the Blue Chip Cloud use IBM Power?

When it comes to digital technology, hybrid cloud infrastructure provides businesses with flexibility, scalability and security. It’s proving increasingly popular with businesses that want to combine their own data centre or private cloud system with public cloud resources such as Software as a Service. LogicMonitor’s 2017 survey predicts that 22% of companies will be running...
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hybrid cloud connected world

How can your organisation benefit from the Blue Chip Cloud?

Every week, an increasing number of companies are using cloud technology to facilitate flexibility and faster innovation and to accommodate economies of scale. The Blue Chip Cloud is what’s known as a ‘hybrid cloud’. Before we hone in on the specifics and the benefits of this cloud service in particular, let’s define what a hybrid...
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hybrid multicloud strategy

How to simplify your hybrid multicloud strategy

A hybrid multicloud system integrates traditional IT infrastructure with a mix of public, private or managed cloud services. Essentially, it is a virtual computing environment that effectively manages these disparate entities as if they were a single, unified service. Pragmatic and scalable, hybrid multicloud environments help to keep business’ processes secure, compliant and easy to...
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