James Hannaford
Disaster recovery plan

Are you testing your Disaster Recovery plan?

It is imperative that businesses have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place to identify risks and to ensure systems and data are heavily protected. After all, this is the backbone of business continuity in the modern age. An effective DR plan will have these things in place: A comprehensive process which details procedure should...
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Blue Chip and Service Express are multivendor leaders

Blue Chip & Service Express: Multi-vendor market leaders

Bringing joy to the UK There have been two big announcements recently that have brought joy to many people in the UK. The first of these announcements being the Prime Minister’s plan to emerge out of lockdown, which I am sure many would say is the best thing to come out of 2021. The days...
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We know a thing or two about legacy systems

Twilio – a cloud communications platform – conducted an online survey on how COVID-19 has accelerated businesses towards their digital transformation, and they came back with some interesting results from the UK respondents. 96% of UK decision makers said that the recent pandemic has sped up their company’s plans to digitally transform.  As many businesses...
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IBM Power transition to the cloud

What makes us the UK’s leading IBM experts?

We’ve handled IBM systems since 1987 You’re probably thinking ‘what gives Blue Chip the right to call themselves IBM experts?’ and so you should. Any business that describes themselves as experts should be able to prove how they acquired this title. IBM was founded in 1911, and through the last century, completely revolutionised computing. From...
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working in COVID-19 era with our data centre

In complete control of our software-defined data centre

Every aspect of our lives has been affected by conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many key players in the business landscape, working hard to maintain essential services. Preserving critical supply chains has been a challenge for many Managed Service Providers (MSPs), yet for Blue Chip there’s no issue. We have a Software-Defined Data...
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IBM FlashSystem

IBM’s biggest ever storage announcement and how it influences Blue Chip

Credit: Bob Graczyk, IBM Spectrum Storage Social Media Advocate The most significant storage announcement in almost five years was made last month by IBM. They will be eliminating two of its primary non-mainframe IT storage lines – Storwize and FlashSystem A9000 – to be replaced with a unified IBM FlashSystem family. Many storage vendors use...
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